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    25 January 2018 12:00 AM      01:00 PM

    This event repeats every day until 04/29/2018

    Event description
    Triple Trouble is a meta event that takes place in the Bloodtide Coast.

    The objective is to defeat three heads of the Great Jungle Wurm world boss at the same time. To make this possible, three organized groups are needed.

    Further instructions you will get on TeamSpeak ts.gw2community.com
      Gather times
    GW2Community is organizing this event twice a day.

    » Monday till Saturday at 12:52 CET and 20:30 CET
    » Sundays at 12:52 CET

    Those are the times where we gather in TeamSpeak to start the organization. As soon we got enough players and the Commander Team found an empty Bloodtide Coast map, there will be squadjoins provided.

    Make sure to join us on TeamSpeak ts.gw2community.com in channel EN Tri-Wurm 30 minutes before the event starts for better communication in order to guarantee a smooth and enjoyable run.

    Wurm Spawn Times:
    13:30, 18:00, 21:00
    CET/GMT+1 UTC+1
      Map chat spam messages
    We always appreciate if you help us doing advertisement for this event on several maps before the event starts.

    GW2Community will be killing the next Triple Trouble Wurm! To participate please join us on TS at ts.gw2community.com. Channel: EN Tri-Wurm. Whisper me for more info.

    It's Triple Trouble time again! Join the GW2Community run for a 99.9% kill, complete your achievements and take your chance to get an Ascended Chest. Meet up at 12:52 CET on ts.gw2community.com

    It's Triple Trouble time again! Join the GW2Community run for a 99.9% kill, complete your achievements and take your chance to get an Ascended Chest. Meet up at 20:30 CET on ts.gw2community.com
      Possible valuable loot
    - Ascended armor or weapon chests
    - Ascended chest with Wurmslayer's armor pieces
    Event on wiki:

    Achievement guide:

    How to get on the map:

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    25 January 2018 05:00 PM      07:00 PM

    A bounty hunt train in Elon Riverlands.

    Event details

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    25 January 2018 09:40 PM      10:30 PM

    Event details
    "Serpents' Ire" is a meta event in Guild Wars 2 that takes place in the Branded eastern part of Domain of Vabbi.

    This is a short guide how to successfully finish the event:

    » First you have to find and kill veteran or higher-ranked Branded monsters to raise the ire of Branded Forgotten zealots and lure them out of hiding.

    » Then the players should split into 5 groups, one to each corner to cover and kill each Branded Forgotten Zealot quickly. They should also equip CC skills, as the Zealots regain their defiance bar in 10 seconds.

    » After that, 2 Champions will spawn. Players should focus the Forgotten (Ysshi Hessani) first, because if the hydra (Pek Rakt Grag) dies before him, the Forgotten will resurrect it. Also if sparks are spawning, they should be killed quickly as they are healing the boss.

    Event description on wiki: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Serpents'_Ire

    Event details

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