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Tangled Derps


This event repeats every 3 weeks for 2 occurrences

Event details

Join us yet again as we bravely forge through the Chak hordes of Tangled Depths to challenge their Glorious Leader, the Chak Gerent. And kill it.


1. Event description:

We are doing Tangled Depths Event Meta – we start by doing the pre events. If we have time between pre events and main fight on lanes, we go for a hero point run.


2. Waypoint we jump to:

Order of Whispers Camp Waypoint - [&BA4IAAA=]


3. Requirements

    All waypoints
    Please ensure to join Teamspeak and listen to your commanders in order to guarantee a smooth and enjoyable run.
    Please join ts channel few minutes earlier as we jump to the map on the time given in the calendar.


In case of questions contact The Tyressinator.1267 or JustTyrThings on forums or ts.

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