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Dragon's Stand


Event details

Join us for another assault upon the stronghold of the Jungle Dragon, Mordremoth!

1. Event description:

We jump to entry waypoint, split into 3 teams - north, mid and south. We do events on those lanes. After all lanes are done, we then go and complete a "commander phase" - blighted tower - we have on each side 1 team running in circles killing Preservers, and the second team killing the boss. After this phase is finished we go and kill Mordremoth. Once he's dead we go to discover pods.

2. Waypoint we jump to:

Pact Base Camp Waypoint - [&BBAIAAA=]

3. Requirements

Please ensure to join Teamspeak and listen to your commanders in order to guarantee a smooth and enjoyable run.

Please join ts channel few minutes earlier as we jump to the map on the time given in the calendar.

*OPTIONAL* for some events you are required to have poison lore mastery.


In case of questions contact The Tyressinator.1267 or JustTyrThings on forums or ts.

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