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Auric Basin


Event details

Join us again in Auric Basin in our quest to aid the Exalted and save the Golden City of Tarir!

1. Event description:

We jump to the entry waypoint, find as empty a map as we can, split into 4 teams. We do events on each side. Then if we have few minutes we will do Hero point run. Afterwards we will do challenges to get exalted armors. Finally we enter Octovine kill phase to open the Golden City and get all the chests and shines !

2. Waypoint we jump to:

Wanderer's Waypoint - [&BNYHAAA=]

3. Requirements

Preferably all waypoints.

Please ensure to join Teamspeak and listen to your commanders in order to guarantee a smooth and enjoyable run.

Please join ts channel few minutes earlier as we jump to the map on the time given in the calendar.

*OPTIONAL* for some events you are required to have updraft and bouncing mushroom mastery.

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