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HoT Meta Train


Event details


Event description

On the HoT meta train we will do all HoT meta events after each other.

- Verdant Brink at night time: Defending the camps and killing the wyvern matriarch

- Tangled Depths: Killing Chak Gerent >> Event description

- Auric Basin: Killing Octovine >> Event description

- Optional: Dragon's Stand >> Event description 

This way you will get 3-4 Amalgamated Gemstones within short time and have the chance to get valuable loot.


Possible valuable loot

Prices according to orders in trading post.

Tangled Depths:

- Chak Egg Sac out of Charged Quartz Orichalcum Amulet of the Chak

  (Ordered for 10.000 gold in the trading post)

- Ascended Armor Chests 

Auric Basin:

Great Exalted Chest:
- Augury of Death (~23 gold)
- Berserker's Ley Guard's Protector (~15 gold)
- Berserker's Ley Guard's Revolver (~11 gold)

Grand Exalted Chest:
- Vial of Liquid Aurillium out of Charged Quartz Orichalcum Amulet of the Exalted (~2.000 gold)
- Great Capra (~5 gold)
- Ascended Armor Chests
- Ascended Weapon Chests

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