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MS Toga Party


Event details

This event is organized by Gamers Giving Back, a network with focus on charity events.
Two North-American and two European servers will host a lot of fun events in Divinity's Reach during that day with the aim to raise money for research and awareness of Multiple Sclerosis.

GW2Community will host once again the in-game events on the EU side.
Together with Gamers Giving Back and the many other contributing parties we are hoping to make this a great event with lots of fun and also supporting an amazing charity.

Feel free to join us in Guild Wars 2 and on TS (ts.gw2community.com) for in-game activities and lots of fun!  
Also make sure to tune into the radio stream at GW-EN to keep on track with the Donation Blitz and other raffles and information.

Events schedule:

19:30 CEST - Battle Royale
                         A massive water balloon fight.
21:00 CEST - Tonic Race
                         Transform into a Quaggan and show who can waddle the fastest.
22:30 CEST - Fashion Contest
                         Dress your character in Greek/Roman Style. Each race will have an individual category.    
00:00 CEST - Master Chef
                         Show your best and most creative dishes consisting of the given ingredients to prove you are the Master Chef.
01:00 CEST - Quaggan Line
                         Let's have a waddle through Divinity's Reach and making group pictures.

In between we will do a few small events like Hide & Seek, Strike a pose, Human Darts and Trivia questions every now and then. On each event you can get small rewards.

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