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PoF Miniature Hunt


Path of Fire events

Event details

We are running all events in the Path of Fire maps, where Miniatures can be dropped.
Perfect event for all collectors. Some of them are even highly expensive.

Crystal Oasis

Medical Supplies ★ Rare loot: Mini Mirage Nasrin Davish (26.98g)

Choya Stampede ★ Rare loot: Mini Blue Choya (61g)

Scarab Caches ★ Rare loot: Mini Scarab (22g)

Casino Blitz ★ Rare loot: Festive Confetti Infusion (+10000g)


Desert Highlands

[Bounty] Champion Wayfarer ★ Rare loot: Mini Shadhavar (298g)

[Bounty] Champion Dhael Skyspeaker ★ Rare loot: Mini Jacaranda (+9.1g)

Explorer Jeppa ★ Rare loot: Mini Firebrand Roni Gehianu (24.77g)

Second Spear Nayrim ★ Rare loot: Mini Spellbreaker Tamela Okar (9.99g), Mini Second Spear Nayrim (7.4g)


Elon Riverlands

[Bounty] Legendary Zehlon Ossa ★ Rare loot: Mini Mordant Crescent  (+150.03g)

The Deadhouse ★ Rare loot: Mini Renegade Gorea Halfcut (9g)


The Desolation

[Bounty] Legendary Awakened Hoarder ★ Rare loot: Mini Awakened Abomination (+1500.01g)

Poisoning Saboteurs ★ Rare loot: Mini Deadeye Nakato Ibori (17.5g)

Wandering Spirits vs Ghost Eaters ★ Rare loot: Mini Soulbeast Ebeleke Eze (+7.33g)

Junundu Rising ★ Rare loot: Mini Junundu Wurm (2505.05g), Forged Staff (35.62g)


The Domain of Vabbi

Water Djinn ★ Rare loot: Mini Weaver Folarin Oyekan (21.03g)

Funeral Escorts ★ Rare loot: Mini Scourge Akesi Xuni (90g)


Sandswept Isles

[Bounty] Legendary Starcaller ★ Rare loot: Mini Fire Hydra Head (56.5g), Mini Lightning Hydra Head (39g), Mini Lightning Hydra Head (41g)


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