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Temple Run (Farm Weekend)


Event details

Welcome to the GW2community Farm Weekend!

The intention of the Farm Weekends is to help raise funds to support Pink Day, a charity event in October co-hosted by GW-EN radio and GW2community in order to raise money towards cancer research. These weekends will be occuring every 2 months in the leadup to Pink Day, so keep an eye on the calendar if you'd like to join!

Anything you'd like to donate towards Pink Day can be mailed to Tyr/[The Tyressinator.1267] - items such as ectos/T6 materials to go towards the Legendary Weapon giveaways are especially appreciated! (Due to the weekly gold cap per account gold is not as convenient donation-wise).

Running Temples in Orr and World Bosses around Tyria with Cap'n Poet.

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