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  4. Excellent music! Being a fan of the Portal games I love this guy I am more of a electronic musics guy, but I love hearing this while playing GW2, it makes saving Tarir even more epic
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  6. Half Man Half Biscuit, not heard that name for a while! great indie band from back in the day....oh and welcome to our community!
  7. Item name: Bifrost Price: 2650g Can be paid in gold, ectos or ectos + gold. Via mail, send payment first. My API key with bank (where Bifrost is stored) and wardrobe (Bifrost skin not unlocked) permission: DDE9D478-2D84-AC45-9C8C-FDDFA96CEE30590E8E5F-11E0-40B6-9F80-4F7F5AA0D5D3 You can reply to the topic, message me here or contact me ingame: Lacrisma.1540
  8. Item name: Bolt Price: 2550 Via Mail, send payment first.
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    Check out our Hero Points. We have the best. This will be a run to get as many Hero Points within HoT as needed for the elite specs, whether you need it for that or just for map discovery or earning some map currencies! No waypoints needed expect for the Shipwreck Peak Waypoint in Verdant Brink. If you have any questions, contact Tyr on forums or TS, or The Tyressinator.1267 in the game.
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  11. Congratulations to the winners: Team C! With none other than: Azangund Shmun HKarma Xyza Josh 2nd Place: Team D! Esuya Lacsap Freontwel Birman I Am Dansker 3rd Place: Team A! Telly Griex WvW Banderas Robo Blue 4th Place: Team B! Frangel Jalk/Marwin Sad_Wolf Captaingarlic Fandac AND THANK YOU ALL FOR JOINING!
  12. Welcome to the Community I am impressed on how long you have been playing GW, there is seldomly one person who did that and didnt have a 3 years break inbetween or so. Yet for guilds, I personally am in a guild as well of course though I like focusing more on the community in gerneral since its much bigger than a guild. You will always find someone to play with or just hang out with and those people are completly different, so if one starts to annoy you, you can just join a diffrent group for a while For me the most important thing is that people shouldnt be so shy about speaking to other people or just saying hello, though you dont seem to have issues with that ;P So if you feel like having a talk, there are quite some channels on TS, eg the public social area which are just made for hanging around and having a nice chat I´m looking forward to seeing you around
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  14. Thanks! Some guilds were advertised after the TT last night. I joined one of them. Will see how they suit me. The hopes are high
  15. Welcome to the gw2c, I hope you will enjoy your stay and in case you do decide to look for guild actively, you can find plenty on our TS server or guild listing ( should be updated any time now if not already done). So you can pick from wide range of guilds there.
  16. Item Name: Dusk Price: 775
  17. Greetings new best friends -intense stare-, It is I, Moo. Just joined here after doing a Triple Trouble with you guys yesterday. Had tons of fun there, so much so, that I felt like I had to get involved into this community a tad more. So here I am. I'm a 28 year old Belgian guy, at least today. Tomorrow I'll still be a Belgian, just not 28. In my everyday life I develop software, traveling the world implementing it. Right now I got into a more in-house role, which gives me more free time to spend on stuff next to work. I try to go for a run or swim every now and then, although don't expect jaw-dropping sports related achievements from me. When push comes to shove, I can be quite the slacker. Have been playing Guild Wars since the GW1 bèta. Always ran my own guilds in GW1 - apart from the last year before GW2. Highest achievement there was running the highest ranked dutch only speaking guild worldwide (in terms of GvG) and beating former GWFC Champions War Machine in a direct GvG match with my former guild Half Man, Half Biscuit. I can still vividly recall that moment, although my memories often are cloudy overall (must be the 'old' age). Came into GW2 from day 1 as well, after playing the bètas. Since I got so sucked into PvP in GW1 I really wanted to focus more on PvE in GW2, so I haven't really touched upon PvP a lot until now. I don't regret it either. I always get overwhelmed with wanderlust (also an elite ritualist skill in GW1) while playing GW2 which often leads me to just walk around on a random map, killing random mobs and trying to climb on random things. Needless to say, I don't get all that much done as far as achievements go. Still pretty far from my first legendary, haven't even completed my first ascended full set and haven't dropped a single boss in raids. I know how impressive I must sound. In GW2 I've always been looking for a lovely guild where I can be my laid back self, sometimes finding it, before, sadly, those guilds transform into something I can't get behind any longer. Spent a lot of my days in [eMoa], going to [DKB] after that. Now I'm just scavenging around hoping to find a nice home, however, not actively looking for it. As with many things in life, I just assume it'll find me instead. That's about it from me. If you want to know more - for some odd reason, or just plain good ol' identity theft - feel free to ask here or in-game. I'm always open for a chat, whatever the topic may be.
  18. Welcome to the Guild Wars 2 community!
  19. I have the NVidia GTX 980M (i have an ASUS RoG netbook), and I can run the game on max settings, with about 50 fps
  20. Hey everyone, I'm DamiVlad aka Jaukeur, Vauvau, Estragom and Babuslav, I've join you thanks to the Triple Trouble Wurm I'm an active casual PvE and fractals gamer, I've been playing GW2 for a little less than a year now. I'm also a swiss student, so I speak french, english and german, and if I'm not playing, it's either beacause I'm sleeping or at the pub Looking foward to meet you ingame
  21. Information has been updated with the new application link. HERE
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    Mordy has plants. We have swords. Let's get to work. Camp Resolve Waypoint - [&BH8HAAA=] Please ensure to join Teamspeak and listen to your commanders in order to guarantee a smooth and enjoyable run. In case of questions contact Magic on forums or ts.
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    Join us yet again as we bravely forge through the Chak hordes of Tangled Depths to challenge their Glorious Leader, the Chak Gerent. And kill it. 1. Event description: We are doing Tangled Depths Event Meta – we start by doing the pre events. If we have time between pre events and main fight on lanes, we go for a hero point run. 2. Waypoint we jump to: Order of Whispers Camp Waypoint - [&BA4IAAA=] 3. Requirements All waypoints Please ensure to join Teamspeak and listen to your commanders in order to guarantee a smooth and enjoyable run. Please join ts channel few minutes earlier as we jump to the map on the time given in the calendar. In case of questions contact The Tyressinator.1267 or JustTyrThings on forums or ts.
  24. Hello fellow feline, welcome to the Kitty's Train Brigade scratching post. At this moment our guild is focused on casual PvE content but we plan to expand the scope to raids as well. We do not require a full time representation, though it is nice, but as long as you are online participation in guild missions is mandatory unless you donate materials to the guild hall. Couple simple rules: Respect the others Participate in guild missions and/or donate materials (as mentioned above) Be nice to each other (but we don't mind if the chat get's a little weird) What we give in return: TeamSpeak 3 channel on the community server Discord Weekly guild missions (Saturday - 13:00 CST/ 18:00 GMT / 20:00 CEST) Purrfect guild hall (now with exotic dancers!) If you'd like to relax and enjoy the game with us please contact one of the officers: Kimmie Kitty.4560 - Leader BatelGeuce.3591 - Officer Asassin.1675 - Officer Schalk.8219 - Officer Quendorsof.9316 - Officer LuckyRene.3504 - Officer Stay pawsitive!
  25. Because of the recent WvW update i think that fits well here
  26. I see wums is still finding new people Welcome o/
  27. even tho its late: welcome to the game and the community
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