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  2. Since the beginning of time, people from all the races of Tyria have come together every year to celebrate the end of the season of Colossus, and the break of the season of Zephyr. This year... this year is different. Something is off... History rarely repeats itself, but once in a while, through a rift in time and space, a bit of the mists shines through the lands. The winds are sweeping across valleys and mountains, but they are colder than usual. Something weird is happening to Tyria, something…Chilling. Something hiding in plain sight, yet invisible through the layers of snow and ice. Something that will not give up until it has found what it is looking for. Join us in our quest to unveil the secrets the frozen winter holds, and let us warm our souls with stories and fun. Let us fight against this corruption! Tyria is falling in a slumber, and we have to wake it! Help us to collect these relics, and collect your reward! Let us unite to fight this mysterious foe, and claim our prize! Are you you ready for some frozen fun? ~Cypher Deadwhisper
  3. [Selling] Silverwaste Shovels 30s each

    Hm, I think you miss "R" in your account name ...
  4. Last week
  5. Verdant Brink run

    Wow, thanks! I had almost given up on ever getting the chance at a real attempt of doing Verdant Brink T4. I will be there! Thank you so much for organizing that!
  6. Elite Spec HP Run - The Legends of Avalon [LoA]

    Thank you for your patience. We are resuming our Elite Spec HP Run on 2nd December at 6pm GMT/ 7pm CET/ 8pm EET We will repeat the run the following week on the 9th December before a holiday break. The first run of 2018 will take place 6th January. Due to the new expansion we will cover only the combat HPs in HoT (Verdant Brink and Auric Basin) and all HPs in the first three maps of PoF (Crystal Oasis, Desert Highlands, Elon Riverlands) Please let the commander know before the event starts if you do not have PoF or HoT so we can advise you on how to best utilise our run^^
  7. As the end of the year grows near, spectators gather and shudder in fear. For the GW2C PvP tournament is back once more so enlist yourselves and fight for valuable spoils of war! ~~~~~~~~~~ The 5 steps to glory: 1. Contact RosieSmile or HKarma BEFORE the 12th of December (Info below) 2. Tell them you want to join, either alone or with a buddy (only one buddy allowed) 3. Tell them your GW2 account name and TS name 4. Tell them how experienced you are and pay the 2G entry fee 5. You are now ready to compete against the other contestants on the 17th of December! ~~~~~~~~~~ The amazing prizes to win: 1st Prize: every member gets the awesome permanent Skritt-Scavenger finisher, worth no less than 22G 2nd Prize: every member gets the stunning amount of 15G to ease the pain of not winning 3rd Prize: every member gets their entry fee back and a little extra: 5G ~~~~~~~~~~ Contact information: RosieSmile.4670 <-- Rosie Heaven Karma.5697 <-- HKarma For enlisting or questions please contact one of the two
  8. Verdant Brink run

    At your request and initiative of HKarma, two of us will be hosting Verdant Brink run for you, and everyone else willing to join, this Sunday starting at 18:15 CET! ( should be added to calendar soon or might already be there) Join us and let's have some fun together! GW2Community
  9. got a wrong purchase :(

    Contact Arena Net support via web page. They do refund in cases like this. https://help.guildwars2.com/hc/en-us - submit a ticket there. Bear in mind that the support can be very slow and take several days.
  10. Verdant Brink

  11. Serpents' Ire HYYPPPEEE

    wooh \o/
  12. Dragon's Stand

  13. Temple run + Tequatl!

    kill things yay
  14. Dry Top T6

  15. Bounty train Dessert Highlands

  16. until
  17. until
  18. Dragon stand

    Yay? i guess.. lets search and kill.. that's what we do best right?
  19. What Graphics cards do people own?

    I have "Nvidia Gtx 1070 maxq"
  20. got a wrong purchase :(

    I am accidentally purchased too many" mount adoption license" is there's a chance that I can return some of it? And get my gem back anyone had a similar experience?
  21. Verdant Brink run

    We can make it happen, not sure if this week, but we can do it next week for sure.
  22. Verdant Brink run

    Hey there, will there be another Event like this where we try to get Tier 4 Verdant Brink done? I just got back into the game/forums and really want my Bladed Armor complete!
  23. 450 available. Price firm (and cheap!). Destoyalty.5029
  24. Vabbi Meta (Serpent's Ire)

    Hi Suicu First of all, welcome to our community and site. Do look around and use our forums. Due to demand and the popularity of Serpents Ire, GW2Community will be running it today Saturday 18/11/2017 at 19:15 CET and again next Saturday 25/11/2017 at the same time. Please join us on our TS server to take part in the fun. Hope to see you there. Also keep an eye on our calendar for future events.
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  26. Hi there o/

    Hello fellow gw2 players! o/ I think it's about time I introduced myself here. My name is Gangolanc (Gango or Gang for short) and I am from the Netherlands. I have been playing this awesome game since pretty much the beta, but I had a few big breaks. Since a bit after the HoT release I was hooked again and now I play on a daily base (Although I just came back from a 2 month break because I was moving at the time). If I'm online I'm always in for a T4 fractal run or something of a sort (mostly not a die hard player, because fun is the most important thing). Now that you all know a bit more about me, I hope to see you all on the battlefield! "Gango out!"
  27. Triple Trouble Wurm

    The best event ever! Kill a wurm in various ways like... running with explosives! Or letting your creativity out with the pretty colours! you can even shoot harpoons here! What's not to like!
  28. Triple Trouble Wurm

    The best event ever! Kill a wurm in various ways like... running with explosives! Or letting your creativity out with the pretty colours! you can even shoot harpoons here! What's not to like!
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