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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join events hosted by GW2Community?
First you need to check what event is going to happen and when. For example, mega world boss runs are on fixed times every day. The schedule for Tequatl the Sunless and Triple Trouble wurm can be found on Teamspeak in respective channel descriptions.

As for events such as Dry Top runs, Battle of Tarir and other global map goal completions (e.g Dragon's Stand), you'll find the schedule on the front page from the block that says "Upcoming events". This displays events that are scheduled in a 2 day windows (today and tomorrow).

Alternatively, you can check the calendar and see the scheduled events. If you wish to filter, you can simply do this and it will show you events of that type. And of course, event times are usually also displayed on Teamspeak in respective channel names.

But there are no events displayed in "Upcoming events" block?
The Events Team needs to come up with the schedule for the following week. Check back later.

How do I join Teamspeak? There are so many channels! I'm confused!
For help joining our TeamSpeak server and understanding the structure, view the guide here.

Why am I getting spam-blocked on Teamspeak?
The most probable cause for this is some plugin acting up and spamming the server with requests. We use anti-flood protection with settings that are a bit more strict than on most of the servers, however, it doesn't affect normal Teamspeak usage. If you find yourself being constantly spam-blocked, try disabling all your plugins. Disconnecting and reconnecting won't solve the issue, instead, it makes it worse by making you wait longer for the block to cool down.

How do I make sure I get on the right map?
Unfortunately there is no method that guarantees your place on the correct map. What you can do is read this post here and listen to the commanders and/or Events Team. Currently Arena Net has no methods to support communities such as us with proper map setups and we must find custom ways to get all the people on Teamspeak into the map. General rule though - if there are more people in the channel than what is allowed on the map by the game then someone gets left out and there's nothing we can do about it. There's no point in raging to the event hosts, because if it were up to us, we would get everyone in so that everyone could enjoy our events. Why would we purposely leave people out? This is only harmful to us.
With squads now in game, we are exploring new ways to get people into the map, hopefully finding a better solution, however, even squads seem to be a bit bugged, so these things will take time.

I enjoy your events! I'd like to help as well, can I join one of your teams?
Sure you can! You should see a button called "Join the Team" on the main navigation bar. Just click on it and select the appropriate form. Please note though that making an application doesn't automatically mean you'll be recruited as there are plenty of others waiting. A general rule - we tend to favor people that we have noticed and that are not afraid to speak in front of 200+ people, so that's why unknown names may get less attention while looking at applications. Your best bet is to be active in the community and help out before you even have a tag - we occasionally ask some people for help when we fall short, so this might be your chance!
Don't be impatient! Those things don't happen overnight.

What do the tags mean on Teamspeak?
The important tags have a name for description. Just click on a client that has the unknown tag and check the right area, where you can see client info. The Server and Channel groups are listed there and their names should give you an idea of what they are.

I'd like to donate! How do I do that?
Thank you so much! Just go to the main page and if you scroll down a bit, you should see a button to "Donate" on the right side. Remember, any amount is appreciated, because if we had all the active 10,000 clients on Teamspeak donate 1 pound every month, we would be hosting the next Guild Wars 2 PvP World Championship! And not only ;)...

The donation goal is reached. Can I still donate?
Of course! No money goes to waste. The money that gets donated after the goal is reached goes into reserve. We still ask the full goal each month, but every pound that goes over goes into reserve for emergencies and/or upgrades (or you know, for the future PvP World Championship!)

I'd like a space for my guild. Where do I apply?
Simply check out this page