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[Guide] Cobalt Wurm Guide (16/12/2014)

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It has recently come to my attention that the Cobalt wurm  guide is quite outdated! So, to keep everyone on track with what to expect from the Cobalt wurm event specifically, I have written a guide for everyone to enjoy and ensure his/her knowledge is in tip top shape.  ;)



09/01/2015 - Portals content added

20/01/2015 - Safety Portals, Optimised Parties and Class Specific (basics) content added

13/09/2015 - Note added.


Cobalt Wurm

So first things first, what is Cobalt wurm? Cobalt wurm is 1 of 3 heads from the event known as Triple Trouble or Tri-Wurm. Each wurm in this event has its own specific mechanic and Cobalt is no exception, Cobalt revolves around picking up kegs from 1 of 3 specific sites and taking them to the drop off point. Further explanations on this can be found later on in the guide, in the Mechanics and Tactics sections.



Prior the event itself, there are a few important factors that individuals should consider to maximise the chance of success while they are attending said event.


Gear / Stats

Berserker gear (+Power, -Precision, -Ferocity) is the recommended gear of choice throughout the wurm event, not just Cobalt specifically. Berserker gear is considered the most optimal gear for the event specifically due to its high power and ability to critically hit reliably, which further pushes the damage capabilities from the power stat. You can further extend this through the use of consumables, there is however a power cap that will restrict the amount of power each player can accumulate.


Power Cap

As previously mentioned, there is a power cap on each wurm which restricts the overall amount of power a player can have, the power cap at Cobalt specifically is 1380. If you are nearing, or at this power cap then Sharpening Stones become redundant because they will not give you any direct benefit to the event which is when you should use Maintenance Oils instead because this will increase your precision instead which will allow you critically hit more often. While on Phase 1 the wurm cannot be critically hit, however the benefit for killing Veteran Wurms faster and Phase 2 (which is when the wurm becomes crit-able) are greatly beneficial. I will expand further on this during the Mechanics section.


The recommended consumables mentioned above are as follows:

Superior Sharpening Stones - The optimal sharpening stone, although expensive



Hardened Sharpening Stones - Less optimal version of the Superior Sharpening Stones but still perfectly viable



Master Maintenance Oil - The optimal maintenance oil, although expensive



Quality Maintenance Oil - Same situation as the sharpening stones, less optimal but still sufficient




As a secondary damage source we utilise a handful of consumables that can be purchased from various vendors around Tyria. At cobalt there are 4 consumables we utilise, each with a 30 minute cool down upon use (so they can be used once each for the duration of the event) and the timings of these consumables will vary from commander to commander so be prepared to use them as of when your commander calls for them. They are as follows:


Fire Elemental Powder - Will spawn a fire elemental to attack your target



Ogre Pet Whistle - Will spawn at random a Bear, Devourer, Griffon, Hyena, Stalker, Moa or Rock Dog to attack your target



Mortar Seed Turret - Will give you a bundle to place 1 of 3 mortar turrets with skills 1, 2 and 3. (It's important you place the 1st turret with skill 1 when using this consumable)



Deployable Mortar Kit - Will give you a bundle to place a mortar with skill 1


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At the start of the event, each wurm head is required to complete an escort event as a pre-requisite to the 3 heads spawning. The escort event revolves around taking the NPC from Firthside Vigil Waypoint spawn point, through to the Cobalt arena and our aim is to protect said NPC from the eggs (which hatch into Larva), wurms and risen/skale on the route. Unlike the Amber and Crimson counterparts, at Cobalt there is a very real chance of the eggs hatching and the escort itself is considerably longer so following commanders' instructions is of the utmost importance.


See the picture below for an insight into the cobalt escort path.



So as mentioned earlier, there will be eggs, wurms and risen/skale to deal with across the span of the escort. When dealing with these factors, it's important to prioritise the eggs throughout the escort, reason being - egg hatch into larvae and they are capable of wiping the entire zerg if left unmanaged. To ensure the eggs go down as fast as possible we will be stacking might prior to the eggs becoming vulnerable (warriors can also attack the eggs before they are vulnerable to begin stacking adrenaline), this is done by placing Combo Field: Fire down, and then using Combo Finisher: Blast until everyone reaches 25 stacks of might. Upon reaching 25 stacks of might, elementalists should place their Conjure Frost Bow skill on the ground and use skill 4 on the egg then drop it again, you can also place Conjure Lightning Hammer and use skill 4 then spam skill 1 until 4 is off cool down again. Should the eggs still hatch, then you can fear or push the larvae away then use Wall of Reflection or Feedback on the larvae to protect the group from the attacks. As a rule of thumb, during the escort event you should prioritise mobs in the following order: Eggs > Larvae > Wurms > Other.



Throughout the escort (and the event itself for that matter) you will see mushrooms dotted around the area, these mushrooms will give you a slight buff if you eat a single one if however you eat multiple mushrooms then it can lead to a parasite debuff. Sticking to the benefit first, if you have a single mushroom "buff" on you and you are struck by a wurm spit (while carrying a keg) then provided you survive the spit, you will not lose your keg as you would normally do without the mushroom "buff". The same effect can be achieved by a simple dodge so it is generally preferred that mushrooms are left alone because the threat of the parasite debuff outweighs the risk taken (to only eat a single mushroom) to gain the benefit of the single mushroom buff.

Moving on to the parasite debuff, it lasts for 60 seconds and it will stun you every 10 seconds (the stun itself lasts for 2-3 seconds). While you are stunned, you will vomit on the spot, when you vomit you can stun anyone you vomit on (within the near vicinity) and that will also stun them for 2-3 seconds. Contrary to popular belief, the parasite cannot be transferred between players, you can still attain the parasite debuff without eating mushrooms though and this is attained by husks spitting on you during the event (this parasite only lasts for 30 seconds however). Do note you can use stun breaks to break from from the stun while you are vomiting.



During the escort there will be an achievement known as "Wurm Kleptomaniac" which is located on the beach at Dredgehat Isle. To complete this achievement you simply need to pick up the Bottle of Rum on the ground, or as the achievement refers to it "steal" his rum while the NPC is in the area. It's as simple as that!


Phase 1

To fully understand phase 1 and understand what's important we need to take a step back and take a look at the requirements which put the Cobalt wurm into a burn phase and then study the cobalt arena itself.


See the picture below for an overview of the Cobalt arena



Here at Cobalt we are required to pick up kegs from 1 of 3 keg spawning sites, these are known as the beach, jumping puzzle and the plank (as seen above) and take them to the drop off point in the middle of the arena (marked Cobalt Wurm above). You are required to place a minimum of 20 kegs on the drop off point, a visual representation of this drop off point can be found below:




An arrow will be there during the event to indicate this keg drop off point more clearly. Once you reach those 20 kegs, the Cobalt wurm will eat the kegs from the drop off point, they will explode inside him, make the wurm collapse on the ground and send the wurm into a vulnerability phase (a more detailed guide on keg running can be found in the Tactics section).


Vulnerability Phase

During the vulnerability phase you will move to the base of the wurm (stack tightly to the commander for the double damage spot) and begin placing Combo Field: Fire and Combo Finisher: Blast inside these fields to begin stacking might for you, your party and others around you. It's important that banners go outside of the stack while still being in range to blast the fire fields (specifically Banner of Strength because during phase 1 the wurm is considered a structure, and cannot be critically hit so power is more power is optimal), conjure weapons should go inside the stack (so people can easily pick them up) and when you reach 25 stacks of might mesmers can use Signet of Inspiration to share their might around to party members and others within the zerg to ensure everyone has 25 stacks of might. When the commander is happy, they will give the call to use Time Warps and/or Tome of Wrath (when using your tome, use skill 4 for the quickness specifically, although 5 for the blast and 3 for the might are also nice), it is important you wait for the commander to make the calls to use these skills in case they have a reason for you to hold back on them.


Now is the time to go loud, so pick up those conjure weapons, make sure none are left on the ground, and burn that wurm down as much as you can within the vulnerability phase. If you pick up an Ice Bow, then use skill 4 on the double damage spot, target the wurm and then use skill 3, you can drop the Ice Bow after this because your weapon damage will out scale that of the Ice Bow. If you pick up a Lightning Hammer, use skill 4 on the double damage spot, then spam skill 1 until 4 is off cool down again. The 1 chain from Lightning Hammer has an in-built Combo Finisher: Blast so it's important you only use Combo Field: Fire during the burn phase to maximise might up-time. Last but not least, if you pick up a Fiery Great Sword then you should use skill 4 out of the wurm, skill 3 back into the wurm, skill 5 on the double damage spot and then spam skill 1 until this rotation is off cool down again. You will continue damaging the wurm as much as possible to fully utilise the vulnerability phase, then the wurm will sit back up again and you have another 2-3 second of time to damage the wurm before moving up so be sure to stay inside and push that damage as much as possible.


Once the wurm becomes invulnerable again, you will be presented with 2 options specifically and your commander will act based on the situation at hand but you should be prepared to either start clearing veteran wurms around the base of Cobalt (to protect your diboofs, a diboof will be further explained in the Tactics section) or stack up again at the corresponding keg spawn to begin running kegs again, You should be prepared to run kegs until Cobalts health pool reaches around 5%, once at 5% your commander will tell you to move out so the commanders can communicate with each other to organise a decapitation of all 3 wurm heads. It is required by the event that all 3 wurms complete phase within 1 minute of each other, so to ensure maximum success the commanders have a whisper list on the Team Speak server to help co-ordinate the decapitation and move the event onto the second phase.



Strictly speaking, the Cobalt wurm has 3 animations (depending on whether you count the wurm eating kegs as an animation) throughout phase 1 and the names of these animations may differ from commander to commander but I will title them on what I believe is the most commonly used terminology.


Wide Spin - The Wide Spin is largest AOE (Area of Effect) attack that Cobalt has to offer, the wurm will stretch itself out into a beam like object and then unwind again that will knock you down if you are within the orange circle that indicates the range of the spin. The Wide Spin will reach as far as the keg drop off site so it's important to take some precaution when heading to the drop off site should you see this animation as it may down you and you will lose your keg. You can protect yourself against this by using Aegis or a Stability skill (do note, you will still take damage if you use stability). An example of what the Wide Spin looks like can be found below:




AOE Spit - The AOE Spit is a much smaller spin in comparison to the Wide Spin and this one can be identified by the wurm coiling itself up (almost like a ball). The AOE from the spin is small enough that it wont reach the keg drop off site, it does however release some AOE projectiles out into the arena which may affect your ability to run kegs, so be prepared to dodge these AOE's whenever you see this animation. It is important to note that the projectiles release from this spit have a travel time, so if you are at the Jumping Puzzle keg pick spot for example, then the orange AOE circles will disappear before the projectiles arrive so wait for them to land before moving back into the area (equally, be prepared to double dodge if you are close to the wurm). An example of what the AOE Spit looks like can be found below:




Egg / Husk Spit - The Egg / Husk Spit are essentially 2 different attacks and have their own cool downs, they do however share the same animation which is why they are being considered as the same animation. The animation itself will be a slight twitch, then Cobalt dips its head and begins spitting either husks or eggs cross 3 different locations starting with a spit towards the Plank, then the Jumping Puzzle and finally one towards the Beach. The animation for this specifically is a bit too subtle for a screen shot, so it will something you learn from experience during the event. When a husk spit is incoming then there are 3 specific husk locations to watch out for, because of they land on you then you will be crushed and go down. The husk locations (starting with 1 and finishing on 3) to look out for can be seen on the picture below:




Phase 2

Moving on to phase 2 upon decapitating the wurm, it will dig underground and begin travelling around the Cobalt arena until the other wurms reach a decapitation state. Once all wurms have been decapitated then the "true" phase 2 will commence (do note that during phase 2 the wurm will become a legendary unit and can also be critically hit now) and the Cobalt wurm will resurface (as well as the 2 minute phase 2 count down will begin), the commander will have everyone chase the wurm prior to its surfacing and then have you and the rest of the zerg position based on where it surfaces. You begin preparing to look for the 3 specific animations the wurm will do during phase 2 and first things first - place your Combo Field: Fire and use Combo Finisher: Blast into them to begin stacking might for you, your party and people around you (be sure to attack the wurm and stay stacked as a group while you get might too, don't idle around while you are waiting to get 25 stacks of might). Same as phase 1 now, each of the 3 animations in phase 2 may have alternative names based on who is commanding but I will name the animations based on what I believe to be the most popular terminologies across the commanders. Do note, the key to spotting and remembering each of these 3 animations is by the names themselves, the name itself reflects the animation that it will do and then you will know how to react based on spotting said animation.



Wiggle - The Wiggle animation can be identified by the wurm wiggling from side to side, when it does this it will place a small AOE on the ground. This AOE does little to no damage, so don't panic when you see this and make sure you continue damaging Cobalt as much as you can, if you do get low however, then don't be afraid to use your heal skill (while this is the least threatening animation of the 3, it does still do damage so staying alive is of the utmost importance so don't think of it as a waste).


Leap - The Leap animation is quite literally a leap into the air and as it comes crashing back down into the ground it will knock everyone away from it. You can counter this via the use of stability skills, shared stability skills should be used when you see this animation and personal stability is also very good and should also be used if you don't stability from others. The notable shared stability skills are Hallowed Ground and Stand Your Ground for guardians (do note you can also use Virtue of Courage if you have a point the Indomitable Courage trait) and Mantra of Concentration for mesmers (you can get 3 charges of this mantra if you trait into Harmonious Mantras). If your stability skills are on cool down and you don't get any stability from other sources then you can still avoid being knocked back at the time of the animation, if you miss time the dodge or still get knocked back the you can use stun breaks to reduce the distance you're knocked back. Don't panic if you get knocked back the full distance, just relocate the tag as fast as possible, re-stack and continue damaging the wurm as much as possible.


Charge - Like the previous animations, the charge can be identified by the name of the animation so when it charges it's obviously the charge attack. Unlike the other 2 however, by the time you see the animation it's already too late because correctly spotting and manipulating the charge allows you to stack the wurm against the wall and equally important, it will allow you to dodge and stay alive! The key to spotting this animation before it happens is by the wurm rearing its head into the air, it will look similar to a cobra and this is the moment you know that the wurm will begin to charge, so it's important you dodge to the side the moment you spot this animation. It's also important you stack directly on top of the commander before dodging because the wurm will pick 1 random person out of the group and begin charging at that person (pets and clones also count so be sure to shatter them illusions and recall them pets). Moving back to the dodge itself, it's very important you dodge to the side because if everyone is stacked on the commander correctly then the wurm will be charging directly at the stack and if you dodge into or away from the way then you will still be caught in the charge and this may result in you going down which will require the commander to use Battle Standards if a considerable number of people go down. The objective of the stacking is to control the direction of the wurms charge because ideally, you want the wurm to be stacked against a wall so you are able to control its movements to maximise your damage output.


Once you have the wurm stacked against a wall then you should chase it to the wall (chase it to the side, because it will leave a crippling field behind it that will slow your progress) and re-stack on the commander making sure you keep your back to the wall at all times. This is your chance to use those large cool downs and consumables, so use those Time Warps, Tome of Wrath and any other large cool downs you may have. You should still pay attention to the wurms animations while stacked against the wall, if the wurm happens to charge then dodge away from the wall, let it finish the charge then move back in and re-stack against the wall (specifically on the commander) and continue damaging the wurm as much as possible until it's dead. Be sure to keep in mind, if you're fully dead at any time during phase 2 then be sure to way point as soon as you can to the Jelako Waypoint (the closest waypoint to the Cobalt arena) and relocate the tag as fast as possible. Once Cobalt is dead then be sure to loot the wurm head, revive the downed players then either get out of combat to go help another wurm (Amber and Crimson) with their second phase or take the portal that appears in the middle of the arena upon completion of the event. This portal will take you back to the Firthside Vigil Waypoint for you to loot the daily chest from the event and collect your hard earned loot!


Reset Points

During the second phase the wurm has the potential to charge at anyone in the area which is why stacking is so important, as covered in previous phase 2 explanations. If the wurm does happen to charge at someone away from the stack then there is a risk of the wurm charging out of the arena, should it charge out of the arena then the wurm will "reset" itself by digging underground and returning to the middle of the arena. This is an incredibly dangerous thing to happen because it eats up time during the already low 2 minute window which will eat up valuable damage time. In case this does happen then it's important to know where these reset points are so we can take special care in avoiding these reset points (there are more reset points at cobalt than the other wurms, so it's especially important to be aware of them). Refer to the image below for the reset points:




The area's highlighted red on the image above are the area's that are impassible by the wurm while he is charging (I have tried to indicated a couple of objects like tree's and rocks too with smaller circles which the wurm can get stuck on too) and the area's in yellow are area's the wurm can charge out of the arena, these are the reset points to be aware of. As you can see, the southern and western side of the map has a nice big wall in which to get the wurm stuck and this is the ideal place to get the wurm during the event, although sometimes the commander will be forced to stack on the shipwreck (the red area towards the north) and this are poses a lot more risk when stacking due to the number of areas the wurm can charge out to a reset point from. You may also note the red/yellow spot on the right of the northern area, you can climb on this rock to stack the wurm against it although it has been known on occasion that the wurm can also scale this rock, so it's important to position efficiently on this rock too to avoid the wurm charging further north and into a reset point. The point that both you and the wurm can scale this rock is indicated by the gap in the red lines. Should stacking fail at any point and the wurm does happen to reset then don't panic and be sure to chase the wurm up as quick as possible and re-stack on the commander to get the wurm to charge to a new and hopefully better wall stacking location.

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There are a handful of different tactics that have been applied to the Triple Trouble event and as time has progressed the tactics have become more refined and specialised, there is essentially 3 different groups on the Cobalt wurm - Keg Runners (also the main zerg), the Condition Team and the Diboofing Team. Each of these 3 groups employ their own strategies and tactics for an efficient event.


Keg Running

As previously explored in the Mechanics section, keg running is a fundamental part to sending the Cobalt wurm into a vulnerability phase to allow the zerg to begin damaging it. Each of the 3 path have a few note worthy factors for the players to consider when running kegs from each of them, although the keg spot itself will swap positions every even minute (so every 2 minutes essentially).But before we get ahead ourselves lets talk about the initial "gamble" that commanders like to take before the Cobalt wurm itself even spawns. You should also be prepared to use your Combo Finisher: Blast on Combo Field: Lightning to get some swiftness for the group before moving out.


Beach Gamble

Upon finishing the escort your commander may make the decision to take the gamble, by stacking at the beach keg spot in hopes that the kegs will spawn at the beach spot to avoid any down time in running between keg spots. There is a 1 in 3 chance of the first keg spot spawning at beach, hence it being a gamble but if the gamble pays off then you you will save a considerable amount of time (especially when the beach spot is considerably easier than the other 3). Please refer to the image below when positioning yourself on the beach gamble:




Do note, that commanders will stack to check numbers before the event begins but as a general rule of thumb it is good to stack as close to the keg spot as possible so if you win the beach gamble so if you win the gamble then you can pick up and run kegs immediately. That being said, if you fail to get the beach spot as your first spawn then be prepare to run straight ahead for the plank or left and swim across the water for the jumping puzzle, you can also use your movement skills to get to these spots as quickly as possible.


Beach Keg Spot




As seen demonstrated above, you can see the keg spawn for the beach spot (for the geographical location of the beach spot please refer to the image in the Mechanics section). Kegs can be picked up from the highlighted area, if the commander requires you to stack then be sure to stack where he/she asks you to stack but be prepared to position yourself between the water and the keg spawn and do not pick up kegs until your commander gives you the go ahead. Once you've picked up the kegs then you should begin running the kegs in to the drop off point as quick as possible, specifically along the path demonstrated below:




This path is specifically good at ensure you protection from the Champion Husks, Veteran Jungle Wurms, Larva (if they have hatched from eggs) and potentially the AOE Spit too. When running the kegs be sure to maintain swiftness for you and your party so you can travel as quickly and efficiently as possible but do not use any instantaneous travel skills such as Blink, Shadow Step, Portals etc... while holding a keg because this will destroy the kegs you are holding. If your keg is destroyed then you can't pick up another one for 30 seconds so do take care when running the kegs. As demonstrated above, you can place a Veil at the position demonstrated as this provides you with 2 seconds of stealth which is great for breaking up any attention the mobs within the area have on you. It should also be noted that stealth has a tendency bug out kegs on the occasion which destroys kegs you are carrying and Veil is an exception to this which makes it invaluable to our keg runs. You can run straight to the drop off site also, although do keep in mind that this is a lot riskier by comparison (although slightly faster) so you will take the relevant path based on your commanders decision (do be aware of the husk landing spot when running kegs straight in because it may land on you and crush you).


Jumping Puzzle Keg Spot




When stacking at the Jumping Puzzle, be sure to position yourself towards the back of the platform and sit tight until your commander gives you the signal to pick up kegs and run. While stacking for the jumping puzzle Cobalt may throw an AOE spit your way, so keep calm and hop off the platform to avoid the spit but be careful, do not get back on the platform until you see the projectiles land because they have a travel time and the orange circles will disappear before the projectiles themselves reach the area. While the same can be said for all keg spots, this is especially true for the Jumping Puzzle because it is positioned the furthest away. You should also swim out to the Jumping Puzzle to avoid the spit from landing on the wreckage (especially if you're behind) and it also helps to avoid aggro'ing mobs to the end of the jumping puzzle who may become a hazard for you and the zerg when you are running kegs.


Moving on to the keg running itself, the Jumping Puzzle is arguably the hardest of the 3 keg spawns, so taking special care when running kegs is a wise thing to do. If you fall into the water while running kegs then it will destroy the keg you are carrying and in the same way that kegs are destroyed when you use instantaneous travel skills, you cannot pick up kegs again for another 30 seconds. If you happen to fall into the water then don't worry, it happens to the best of us, just stick with everyone else and run together because you can still help by protecting the others with kegs and giving swiftness too (although avoid giving swiftness while people are jumping because it may cause people to accidentally over jump and fall into the water). See the image below for the keg running path from the Jumping Puzzle spot:




As demonstrated by the image, you will jump across the wreckage from the shipwreck which is actually how this spot attained the name "Jumping Puzzle" in the first place. Take your time as you travel across, it's important that you make it across with your keg in hand and not who makes it across first! If your commander asks you to run straight in (or even stack for that matter, but we'll get to that in just a moment) then you can place a Veil on the position demonstrated on the image. As hinted, your commander may as you to stack at times and a demonstration of the stacking point can be found below:




If your commanders asks you to stack then this is where you should stack, try and hug the rock tightly so you are protected from the spits (similar concept to the beach path) although here it helps to have a Wall of Reflection in the position shown on the image, this adds that extra bit of protection against the spits. Once your commander gives the go ahead, you move left and around the rock, you can place a Veil in the position shown for that extra bit of safety and head straight for the drop off point.


Plank Keg Spot




For the same reasoning as the Jumping Puzzle, do note it is important for you to swim out to the Plank to avoid bringing any unnecessary attention to the planks pathing itself. When stacking for the plank, make sure you stack on the tip of the Plank and away from the keg spot, then as your commander tells you to go, take a step forward, pick up your keg, then following the pathing as demonstrated below:




Take your time running along the Plank, although it is only a straight run mistakes do happen (believe me!) and if you fall into the water your keg will be destroyed (same concept as the Jumping Puzzle). When you get to the end of the Plank, make sure you jump onto the rock and most importantly, jump off of the rock. If you don't jump off the rock then you will fall into a patch of water below which will cause you to lose your keg, there is also a husk landing spot to the left, so it is also recommended you jump off the rock to the right slightly to avoid being crushed by the husk upon its landing. As shown, the ideal spot for a Veil on the Plank spot is after jumping off the rock, then you can head straight for the drop off point to place your keg.


Keg Deterioration/Destruction

Although the reasoning why is unknown, it is a certainty that kegs do disappear 2 minutes after being placed on the drop off point but sometimes they do disappear before this 2 minute mark. The common thought process behind this is that the Veteran Jungle Wurms in the area eat them, which causes the kegs to be destroyed before the 2 minute deterioration timer ticks although this has never been proven as the source of the kegs disappearing, but the fact they can disappear is something to consider. Once you've placed your keg, do try and pay special attention to the players surrounding you. This will allow you to establish if you need to go back for more kegs or not - if there are no longer any kegs incoming and you've failed to reach the 20 kegs required to send the wurm into a vulnerability phase then be begin heading back to the corresponding keg site to run a second keg in before they begin disappearing (your commander should solidify if this is necessary or not by asking you to run a second set of kegs).


Diboofing Team

During the first phase of the event, Cobalt will spit out Husks and Eggs across the area and these eggs (if left untouched) will hatch into Larva who pose a very serious threat to the success of the event. To counter this, a team known as the Diboofs are utilised in an attempt to prevent the eggs from spawning in the first place and they do this through proficient use of Reflect / Projectile Destruction skills. Every class, but Necromancers, have the skills required to Diboof although the recommended classes are Elementalists and Guardians because they are much more versatile and simpler to successfully block with (although as mentioned you can still do it on other classes if needs be). The Diboofs will use the relevant skills based on their classes during the Husk/Egg Spit animation to block the eggs from spawning, since you can only block eggs with this method then it is common for the Diboofs to take it in turns since there is no way to identify which spit is which since they share the same animation. There is also some specific strategies around soloing as a Diboof, although I wont go into that much detail for this section of the guide since this isn't a guide to train you on Diboofing, I will however link a few video's below that will give you a simple point of view on what the Diboofs are doing during the event (that being said, if you're looking to learn then be sure to ask during the event because we're always willing to train new people!).


Elementalists Diboofing Video


Credits go to Diruuo for the video


Guardians Diboofing Video


Credits go to LordKalak for the video


As a quick note, various situations do happen which may cause the Diboof team to miss part of an egg spit, or potentially even the full spit. Don't worry! Your commander will make a call based on the timing of the spit but as a general rule of thumb - if you're running kegs, then prioritise running those kegs and if you're going into a burn phase then prioritise that too. If at any other time you get eggs spawn then focus on killing those eggs as quickly as possible and if they do hatch then be sure to place your Reflect and Projectile Destruction skills on the Larva then focus them down, taking special care to kill the Larva positioned closest to the Diboofs first.


Condition Team

As previously mentioned, there a specific Husk/Egg Spit during the first phase which will spawn Husks and/or Eggs unlike the Eggs however the Husks cannot be blocked by the Reflects / Projectile Destruction the Diboofs use and they will become a hindrance to the keg runners and queue the Condition Team (an image displaying Husk spawn sites can be found in the Mechanics section). You may ask why we use a team of people who are focussed on dealing condition damage and this is because Husks have an exceptionally high amount of toughness, although they suffer from low vitality. Putting this into a damage perspective, power focussed builds (such as Berserker armour) will do little to no damage against the high toughness Husks, whereas conditions ignore toughness which allows the condition team to take advantage of the low vitality to kill off the husks within seconds. There is an issue with conditions being overwritten however, so to avoid ruining their hard work then it's important you do not attack the husks at all because you will swap out their damaging conditions with your weaker ones and that will make the live much longer and also reduce their ability to control the husks. Saying that, it's equally important to ensure Husks maintain controlled, so there's even more reason to avoid hitting the Husks because it will only make the event harder.


Same as the Diboof section, this is not a guide on how to play as a condition dealer, although if you're interested in trying it out then do feel free to ask for some training from the existing condition dealers because they are always happy to help! Also, so you don't go in totally blind, the preferred classes for the event are Necromancers, Warriors and Engineers although you can do it with all classes (not so much on Guardian and Elementalists although some controversy can be had around that topic). If you are looking to try this out, then different classes excel with different equipment although as a standard Rabid and Rampager gear is recommended.

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Advanced Tactics

Advanced tactics, while not completely necessary, serve as that next level of play to further the quality of runs and increase the overall efficiency of the run. While these tactics may change or become outdated or there may even be new tactics that come to light and I will try to update this post as of when this happens but as of the current date (highlighted in the guide name) the specific advanced tactics that you can find employed at Cobalt are Portals, Safety Portals and this is more of a universal one across all wurms but optimised team compositions.



Portals are utilised to remove the travel time between the wurm and the keg sites themselves, this is extremely helpful when maximising the efficiency of the keg runs and allows you to get into burn phases as quick as possible. While it can be debated if it is necessary for the sole purpose of getting to 5% faster it does give the commander the ability to send support from Cobalt to assist the other wurms should they need it and if Cobalt is able to reach that 5% mark sooner then they can get to providing that help much sooner too.


So enough about the tactic itself, less discuss how it works. Portals are placed by the mesmers part way through a burn, typically as a mesmer you will join the burn at the moment the commander calls for it OR you reach 25 stacks of might, you use your Signet of Inspiration to share your boons to other players around you and then drop those Time Warps and prepare to move off to the relevant keg site if your portal team is called. Portal teams will be assigned by the commander prior the event itself and typically you will have 2 portal teams of 2 mesmers in each because each Portal is capable of carrying through 20 people (this includes ranger pets) and 2 portals will amounts to 40 people/pets to go through which on your average run will easily cater for transporting your zerg to the next keg site. It is very important that you only use the portal to get yourself to the keg site and nothing else, if you take the portal back from the keg site with a keg in your hand then it WILL destroy your keg and you will be unable to pick up a new one for 30 seconds. The portal openings and exits for the 3 keg spots can be found below (please excuse the quality of the images, had to keep them to a reasonable size so if the portal spots are unclear don't panic your command will explain on the run for you).


Beach Portals - Do note the portal openings on Beach are placed to the left of Cobalt and opened behind the keg site to avoid people taking the portal back again.




Jumping Puzzle Portals - Do note the portal openings on Jumping Puzzle are placed to the front of Cobalt and opened behind the keg site to avoid people taking the portal back again.




Plank Portals - Do note the portal openings on Plank are placed to the right of Cobalt and opened behind the keg site to avoid people taking the portal back again.




Safety Portals

Safety portals are used as a contingency should you fail to run kegs on the first try and you have the appropriate mesmers to do so. It is typical for your commander to assign a safety portal to a specific mesmer during the run, should he/she deem it necessary and you will most commonly see the safety portals utilised for the 5% decapitation run. You can refer to the image below for the positioning when opening the portals on the various spots, you will then hold the portal and run kegs to the drop off point as per normal,. If you fail to get the 20 kegs required then be prepared for your commander to ask you to open the portal so you can make your way back to the relevant keg spot quickly to run in those last few kegs and when you open that portal then be sure to place it away from keg spot so people don't accidentally take the portal back before placing their kegs (again, refer to the image below for open portal placement).




Optimised Parties

When setting up parties it's important to try and get a variety of classes in your party, so that way you can ensure your party has a good mixture of benefits. To further divulge in this, it is important to try and get at least 1 warrior, 1 blast heavy class, 1 source of quickness and a 4th class as per necessary (do note I'm only highlighting 4 classes specifically, but we'll get to why that is in just a bit). Having a warrior in your party is important due to the skill Banner of Strength specifically, the banner allows you to push your power over the cap and having that banner in your party will provide you with a substantial damage boost for phase 1 (similarly, Banner of Discipline helps a lot for phase 2). A blast heavy class qualifies as a specific class that has access to a large amount of blasts such as an elementalist, thieves (specifically Cluster Bomb, short bow skill 2) or even thieves because they can stack might for the party by using Combo Finisher: Blast into Combo Field: Fire to get 25 stacks of might which will also give your party more power over the power cap. When I mention having a source of quickness in your party I'm referring to AOE quickness and not personal quickness skills, so this refers to guardians with their Tome of Wrath (specifically skill 4) or mesmers with their Time Warps. Quickness allows you to go through skill animations faster which in turn allow you to do more animation in a shorter period of time, so ensuring you have a source of quickness in the party is another extremely efficient way to boost your overall damage (be sure to use any personal quickness you do have separately to the shared quickness because the effects/duration will not stack). The 4th slot can be filled by any class, although trying to cover weak area's within your party should be a priority while trying to attain that 4th party member. So if for example, you have a blast heavy class filled by an elementalist, but that elementalist is using a staff then it is wise to try and get another blast heavy class because a staff elementalist wont be able to provide as many blasts by comparison to the other builds.


Now, you may question why I've stuck to only 4 players per party when the party cap is 5 and the reason for that comes down to sharing. Sharing is caring! By having 4 members in your party, any excess boons you are able to generate will flow over into other players much easier which allows everyone to keep stacking might once they reach 25 stacks since the excess might will spill over onto other players.


Class Specifics - To be completed



Skills - Optimal


Arcane Brilliance: 



Lightning Storm: 

Conjure Lightning Hammer: 

Conjure Frost Bow: 



Glyph of Elemental: 


Skills - Optional Replacements


Arcane Wave: 


Weapons - Optimal


Scepter + Dagger/Focus: 


Weapons - Optional Replacements

Dagger + Dagger: 



Skills - Optimal


Mantra of Recovery



Signet of Inspiration: 

Mantra of Resolve: 

Mantra of Concentration: 



Time Warp: 


Skills - Optional Replacements



Portal Entre: 



Weapons - Optimal

Sword + Focus / Sword + Sword: 

Sword + Focus / Sword + Pistol: 



Skills - Optimal


Signet of Vampirism: 



Signet of Spite: 

Blood is Power: 

Signet of the Locust:



Lich Form: 


Skills - Optional Replacements


Bone Minions: 


Weapons - Optimal

Dagger + Warhorn / Dagger + Focus: 


Weapons - Optional Replacements

Axe + Warhorn / Axe + Focus: 



Skills - Optimal


Healing Turret: 



Bomb Kit: 

Thumper Turret: 

Elixer U: 



Supply Drop: 


Skills - Optional Replacements


Grenade Kit: 






Skills - Optimal


Healing Spring: 



Signet of the Wild: 

Frost Spirit: 

Quickening Zephyr: 



Rampage as One: 


Skills - Optional Replacements


Signet of the Hunt: 


Weapons - Optimal

Greatsword / Sword + Warhorn: 

Greatsword / Sword + Axe: 



Skills - Optimal


Signet of Malice



Assassin's Signet: 

Signet of Agility: 






Skills - Optional Replacements





Signet of Shadows: 


Weapons - Optimal

Dagger + Dagger / Shortbow: 



Skills - Optimal





Stand Your Ground: 

Hallowed Ground: 

Wall of Reflection: 



Tome of Wrath: 


Skills - Optional Replacements



Banes Signet: 


Weapons - Optimal

Greatsword / Sword + Focus: 



Skills - Optimal


Healing Signet



Banner of Strength: 

For Great Justice: 

Signet of Might: 



Battle Standard: 


Skills - Optional Replacements


Fear Me: 



Weapons - Optimal

Greatsword / Axe + Warhorn: 


Weapons - Optional Replacements

Greatsword / Sword + Warhorn: 


<Class analysis to be finished>

Edited by Fenrir Rednight

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Pretty well done guide so far Troy. However it will not save you from #SacrificeTroy. :P

With Cuddles and Snuggles, we go to Battle!

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will de-pin old guide, as soon this one is finished ;)


Hope the other two (amber&crimson) will be done soon as well :P *waves*

Edited by Djeraya

Sorkhatani Beki | Chono Razorgaze
"You lead when others would only follow. You see light, when there is only darkness."

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Very complete and comprehensive guide Troy! Thank you for taking the time to write it up.

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Small note - I unfortunately lack the time to maintain this guide to it's fullest. The strategies have adjusted slightly but the core principles are still there, so new players are still advised to follow this guide although I would recommend you ask the commander on your run for advice, should you need further information.

That being said, if anyone is willing to add more content to this guide then feel free to drop me a message and I will be sure to update it and credit you.

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On 12/16/2014 at 1:02 PM, Fenrir Rednight said:

Keg Deterioration/Destruction

Although the reasoning why is unknown, it is a certainty that kegs do disappear 2 minutes after being placed on the drop off point but sometimes they do disappear before this 2 minute mark. The common thought process behind this is that the Veteran Jungle Wurms in the area eat them, which causes the kegs to be destroyed before the 2 minute deterioration timer ticks although this has never been proven as the source of the kegs disappearing, but the fact they can disappear is something to consider. Once you've placed your keg, do try and pay special attention to the players surrounding you. This will allow you to establish if you need to go back for more kegs or not - if there are no longer any kegs incoming and you've failed to reach the 20 kegs required to send the wurm into a vulnerability phase then be begin heading back to the corresponding keg site to run a second keg in before they begin disappearing (your commander should solidify if this is necessary or not by asking you to run a second set of kegs).


The reason kegs disappear before the 2 minute mark was explained in another topic here:

I also did a number of experiments and reviewed footage of other runs to verify his findings and make sure that vet wurms/larva/husks weren't causing kegs to disappear. In every instance that someone claimed a vet wurm ate a keg, there had been another keg placed 2 minutes ago.


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