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Private Pepsi

Challenge: Get Fit with Tri-Wurm

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So TroyFenrir Rednight and myself ~ Private Pepsi have came up with a challenge for all of you who want to exercise abit and do the Tri-Wurm event with the community.

If you want to attempt this challenge be sure you want to complete it and that you are true to yourself, if you do not complete your selected exercise you have to send either me (solar.6253) or Fenrir (Troyka.1894) 5 gold. The gold must be sent within an in-game mail that contains the Subject: Challenge: Get Fit with Tri-Wurm and the content of the message must be along the lines of, I failed the challenge... Don't worry, that 5 gold is going to go towards the event itself, so you are basically founding the event food and stuff like that.

So for the challenge:

You can choose any difficulty and do the amount of sit-ups, push-up or squats that your difficulty requires:


  • If you get downed add 1 to your counter
  • if you fully die add 5 to your counter



  • Sit-ups ~ counter*2
  • Push-ups ~ counter*1
  • Squats ~ counter*3


  • Sit-ups ~ counter*5
  • Push-ups ~ counter*3
  • Squats ~ counter*8


  • Sit-ups ~ counter*7
  • Push-ups ~ counter*5
  • Squats ~ counter*10


  • Sit-ups ~ counter*15
  • Push-ups ~ counter*10
  • Squats ~ counter*20


  • Sit-ups ~ counter*20
  • Push-ups ~ counter*20
  • Squats ~ counter*25



Get fit and stay happy,

Pepsi and Troy

Cobalt Wurm Best Wurm

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well its hard to get downed anyways ... the animations are bugged a wi bit xD

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