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Amber Wurm guide

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Helloooooo, Groknar here to bring you a “quick†Amber guide !
Amber, as you may know is one of the three Great Jungle Wurm heads, even though the tactic is not over complicated, it does require a fair amount of organisation from all the players. It is very much like a WvW run, everybody needs to stack up on the commander so that we share the buffs correctly.
In this guide I will go through organization, the detailed tactics for phase 1 and 2, an overview of the different builds of each proffession and finally a few tips to make the run smoother. Have a good read, and rememeber Amber wurm is best wurm ! ;)


Organization and numbers


First of all the numbers, Ideally a perfect run will have a total of 45 to 53 players on the wurm, these players will be divided into 3 groups:


-Condition group: idealy, we have 5 condion spec guys (Necromancers, Ranger, Engeneers,Thieves and eventually warriors) This group will be focusing on killing Husks and kitting them.


There will be 4 husks spawing at certain times and the primary focus of this condition team is Husks, as long as there are some Husks the condition party will be getting them down.

These husks do 2 major things:

The first one being the parasite debuff. Indeed it can apply a debuff wich will stun you for â…” seconds every 10 secnds on attacks mack sure not to stay too close.

The second thing will be knockup/back. The knockup can only be avoided with aegis, although the knockback (wich will be applied just after) can be prevented using stability.


-Swirling Wind Elementalists/ reflect Guardians (better know as DIBOOF)

These guys are at best 3, but 2 is totally doable. Basicly they will want to position there reflects and “projectile eaters†in front of the wurm so that they prevent eggs from spawning

This does require some training and knowledge about the fight and the wurm animations, the best thing I can suggest is to watch this video and try to find someone ingame that can teach during a real run.


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