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Jendaya Flufftail

How To Report A Fake Taxi

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Step 1:

Make sure you are taxiing on the correct person. The person posting the taxi in Team Speak is not always the uppermost person in the party. If it is really a fake taxi, continue with Step 2.



Step 2:

Activate the timestamp in your In-Game Chat.



Step 3:

Type /ip into your In-Game Chat.



Step 4:

Hoover your Mouse over the fake taxi in the party, so that the name is visible.


Step 5:

Take a screenshot. (“Print Screen” next to “F12” on your keyboard by default). You can find the screenshot under “My Documents/Guild Wars 2/Screens”.


Step 6:

Take a Screenshot of the TeamSpeak chat window (“Print Screen”). In contrast to Step 5, this time you have to insert the picture into a software like MS Paint and save it manually.


Step 7:

Upload both Screenshots and send them to one of the TeamSpeak Moderators with the date you made them.

Once we recieve the report we will look through it and take action if needed. Also make sure, that all of the following is visible:


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