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Battle Crys

Tequatl Turret Defence

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I realise this guide is pretty old and though Turret Defence has not changed all that much, I am really bored. Therefore, I have decided to update this post and hope to provide some more tips to help with Defence.  B) Here goes!


Disclaimer:Turret Defence is not easy peasy lemon squeezie, especially if you do not have your defence parties sorted out.


West Defence has the JUMP PAD(mandatory) and SHIPWRECK(behind west dps if you have one, this party is optional and do not fret too much about it, especially if jump pad is going badly). East Defence has SHIPWRECK(beside Eastern turrets) and WAYPOINT(Splintered Coast Waypoint). 


FIRSTLY, I want to address your defense parties, your priorities and the defense parties' roles. Ideally, you want 2 parties of 4 people at each defence with a guardian using greatsword and mesmer with focus to pull mobs together and kill them faster. You want to bring your tag to Jump Pad at West or Shipwreck at East. This is to attract the people that refused to join DPS despite your whispers. As mentioned, you do not necessarily need to defence Shipwreck at WEST but it is recommended if you have the numbers. However, you want to sort out Waypoint defence at EAST first as you will almost always have random people that do not listen and head to Shipwreck. Whichever party(usually Shipwreck at West and Waypoint at East) should check up on the other party and help with mobs if needed. If however, the mobs are not yet cleared when fingers spawn, this party should move off to clear the fingers and then get back to their positions. 


SECONDLY, I will now mention defense party mob priorities, champion spawns and specific mobs. The first mob on your hit list is the Krait Hypnoss as it summons more mobs. In the event that champions do spawn, kite it around and kill everything else. Next up, we have my personal favourites, the Plague Carrier and the Grub. Plague Carries enjoy exploding on your face and down you in 1 hit if you do not dodge away. The Champion Plague Carriers explode TWICE. Be extremely careful as they can wipe your party in just a few seconds. The Grubs have a spit that attracts other Risen. Champion Grubs HURT. A LOT. Get mesmers to put feedback on it and throw every reflect you have at it. In the event that you do not have any reflections, especially feedback.... SHOUT "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLPPPPPPPPP". If your defence is falling apart, do not be afraid to get assistance from DPS. 


THIRDLY, the bane of every commander's existence, the AFKers. Once you have sorted out your defense parties, whisper each and every AFKer and ask them politely if they could move to DPS. They will generally comply or move of their own accord to DPS when the event starts. The best time to whisper is 5 minutes before as food and banner(s) is usually placed down then. Be gracious and polite to them. (I usually feel really bad sending necromancers to DPS because they cannot really do much there  :mellow:


TL;DR Sort out your defense parties and remember your priorities. Do not be scared to ask for help if everything goes south. Be polite and gracious. 


I hope this is clearer and easier to read despite it still being an essay, and that I was able to provide some help to you. If you wish to learn more about the other aspects of Tequatl, you can head on over to Magic's guideline about how we jump, what to use etc: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> and for more in-depth straetgy about the event, head on over to Fettered's '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>


Your Resident Moo Moo Dolyak, 

Crys  :D

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With Cuddles and Snuggles, we go to Battle!

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Small tip that has helped us tremendously in TTS runs, have the zerg commander run another group of 4 called the "ERT". Short for emergency response team. Essentially they do the same job as any other zergling with a few exceptions:


- If defence needs help because of champs/wipe (most notably Champ Hypnoss and Grubs), the ERT gets sent to give them a helping hand until it's all under control again. 

- During battery phase, their first priority is killing the fingers around the zerg spot (you still get credit for the defence phase if you just kill the fingers). This lets everyone else go to the batteries without having to worry about who's staying behind to kill stray fingers.


I can say without a doubt, that implementation of this small party has resulted in basically 99% flawless defence runs, a lot of them because the ERT went to save to the day! If you want to get crazy, you could set up 2 in case both defence positions need help, though that never happens...right?? XD

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Indeed, the ERT would have been nice to have, and many of the defenses could probably have been saved earlier, though most of the commanders that fail defence, usually will not be able to call for help until it is too late(all turrets have been destroyed and defence has been overran). I will take it up to the commanders though, and hopefully they will implement this. We are always getting new people, and helping them get flawless defence is always a pleasure. 


Thanks for your input. Really appreciate it! :)

With Cuddles and Snuggles, we go to Battle!

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