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Triple trouble walkthrough

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Good morning everybody ;) Here’s a basic walkthrough for a triple trouble event I wrote it for my guild and as some information in guides here are not updated I thought I will post it in here as well, to give the most recent strategy. I hope it will help at least some of you ;) If you find any mistakes or you think something should be added, just comment or write me in game ;) Also please leave a comment with your opinion ;)

                                                                                              Magic.1940 (xkatherine)


Triple trouble event is a world boss event which has 2 phases. First phase lasts for approximately 14min, second for about 2 min. First here you have some explanations about specific things I will talk about.


  • Great wurm – main boss you have to kill during Triple Trouble event. (There are 3 of them – Amber Crimson and Cobalt)
  • Eggs- big eggs being spitted out by great wurm. If they are not destroyed in a short time after getting vulnerable, they hatch and change to larvas.
  • Larva – minions spawning from eggs. They have very big damage and apply conditions. Their attacks can be blocked with reflects(feedback, wall of reflection and etc.). You should try to avoid spawning them.
  • Husks - have a high defense against direct damage but are vulnerable to condition damage.
  • Condies - are concentrating on husks. The Condis have high condition damage gear equipped and they should also use runes focused on condition. Bringing own condition food is also a must. The optimal amount of them are 5. The best classes for that are: necromancers, engineers and warriors.

Here you will find detailed information about condiing, food and etc.:  I (it is out of thread but still have many useful information)>http://gw2community....dition-tactics/

And here is the most recent thread about condiing on warrior: >http://gw2community....d-and-strategy/

  • Diboofs –  their job is to reflect eggs that the great wurm will spit during phase 1. Optimal number is 2-3 of them, but with some classes you can solo.
  • Dps zerg – they are the main damage, and should follow the commanders and do what they are calling. The optimal number is around 40.
  • Veteran wurms – wurms which spawns randomly in the event area.

Professions with which u can diboof:

  • Guardian  with a utility - wall  of reflection [&ByMkAAA=] And shield - shield of absorption [&B4MjAAA=].
  • Mesmer with utility -  feedback [&Bz4oAAA=] and focus - temporal curtain [&B8onAAA=].
  • Elementalist with Focus (Air) - swirling winds [&B5oVAAA=], Focus (Earth) - magnetic  wave [&B7MVAAA=]
  • Engineers with shield - Magnetic shield [&B6UXAAA=] and utility: rifle turret [&B7oWAAA=] and utility: flame turrets [&B8wWAAA=]

More detailed information about diboofing: (it is out of thread but still have many useful information):  >http://gw2community....tutorial-video/



For the whole time it is required for people to split up to 3 teams – one team per wurm. (Amber, Crimson and Cobalt are their names). Each team should have a commander, other people should listen and follow his orders, diboofs (1-3), condies (3-5) and dps zerg (33-40), so all together there should be 40-50 people on each wurm.


Event starts at Firthside Vigil waypoint [&BKoBAAA=] with 5 min countdown, during which nothing is happening. It is recommended to be ready to go when it is 1 min to end of time on the clock. After countdown finishes, 3 escorts start. Each goes to one of three areas where great wurm spawns and whole events is happening.




Here’s the map with marked ways of each escort and marked places where you can get specific achievements occurring during escort for very short time when escort reaches that place. Commander will usually call it and tell what to do.


During escort there will be eggs, veteran wurms and a husk spawning. Eggs will show on the ground and become vulnerable when NPC’s get close. Zerg should focus on eggs first, as if they won’t be destroyed quickly enough they will hatch and spawn larvas. If it will happen, you should put reflects on them, ignore them and move to next eggs so no more of them will spawn. After doing it you focus on larvas if there are any, wurms and random mobs.


It is recommended that zerg is little bit ahead of NPCs so they can start hitting the eggs once they become vulnerable, but there should be some people staying with escort, killing mobs if any of them spawn and speeding NPCs up.


There will be ONE husk spawning during escort and after killing him there will be a chest to pick up. This is the ONLY loot you get till the end of whole event. Therefore this is the only husk all people are allowed to attack. All other husks should be left alone, as if you attack them you overrate your attacks on conditions applied by condies so basicly you block their dmg and make everything slower and harder.


First Phase

When all of the escorts get to place of destination ( Cobalt escort has the longest way so this escort will arrive as last one)  the main event will start. The 3 great wurms will spawn and 14 min will show on the clock.


            In the first phase all 3 wurms are invulnerable for most of the time. To make them vulnerable you have to do specific things, different for every great wurm. I will write about them in a moment. Also during first phase great wurms are structures. That mean that you can’t crit them.


During first phase great wurm is doing 4 things:

  • Small spin – it is a small red aoe area around him where he will hit people and push them back and after it he will throw random spits on event area. They are red circle on the ground. You can dodge both of them of course.
  • Big spin – big red area around wurm where he will hit people and push them back. The radium is about 900. You can dodge it.
  • Spitting eggs – He makes specific animation after which he makes 3 throws with 3 eggs on each of them, so counting up he will throw 9 eggs. We have a diboof team which will try to reflect it. The cooldown on it is around 41 seconds.
  • Spitting husks – same animation as when he throws eggs. After the animation he starts throwing husks in 3 waves – one husk per wave so 3 generally. They can’t be reflected. The cooldown is around 1 min and 30 seconds.


How to make great wurm vulnerable:





Amber has 20 stacks of slick skin. To make it vulnerable you have to remove it. Here's the way how to do it.


You need to stack all in one group. Once the wurm become targeted, click on him and use Ctrl+T to make it easier to retarget it later. First abomination which spawns will be eaten by wurm, wait for second one to spawn.


You move to abomination, kill it (don’t use any CC skills, because the wurm attraction may get bugged).Get the wurm attraction buff to get eaten (stay on his corps), and move to stacking spot near wurm(red arrow). You should place there wall of reflection around zerg, healing spells on stack, if husks get too close fear them or knock them away.




 You get eaten by great wurm. Once you are inside you can find a skeleton with a harpoon gun. Pick up the harpoon and target Valve. While you are inside of the wurm you have unlimited amount of shots on harpoon. Once you destroy it, wurm will throw you out. (It is important to have healing fields and turrets on the ground while you are inside as you constantly lose health there because of acid stomach).




 Once you get thrown out you have only ONE shot on the harpoon. Target the great wurm (so Amber) and make sure you are in quite short range and nothing stands between you and wurm and shot the harpoon with spell 1. Every harpoon removes 1 slick skin from Amber, and she has 20 of them, so you need 20 harpoons.


When it happens, you all move to wurm, he will lie on the ground and become vulnerable. You want to place as many fire fields and blast them, put conjured weapons inside the stack and banners of strengh outside the stack but inside fire fields, when you stack 25 might, mesmers should use Time Warps. After some time Amber will stand up, but you can still do damage for a few seconds, once you see 0 dmg on screen, all the zerg move out.


You can see that you have a debuff on yourself called upset stomach. You got it when you were in Amber stomach. As long as you have it you won’t be able to get eaten again. So it's time to clear event area of veteran wurms and eggs/larvas if there are any.


Once the debuff ends, commander will call to go for abomination, and the whole process I just described is repeated. You repeat as many times as you need to burn Amber to 5% of health. It is important to stack here and do exactly what commander is saying, because abomination doesn’t have a lot of hp and if somebody kill it you waste the time waiting for next one to spawn.





To make Crimson vulnerable you have to fill up 3 containers which stand on sides. Each of containers requires different colour and needs to get 30 stacks of colour. To fill them up you need to pick up colour clouds which spawns on event area randomly and stays for few seconds.






            You can pick up all 3 colours, but remember that they ‘stay’ on you only for some time. Each of commanders has its own way of doing it, so just listen and do it the way commander tells to do. Once you get all 3 containers filled up, wurm will become vulnerable very shortly.


When it happens, you all move to wurm, he will lie on the ground and become vulnerable. You want to place as many fire fields and blast them, put conjured weapons inside the stack and banners of strengh outside the stack but inside fire fields, when you stack 25 might, mesmers should use Time Warps. After some time Crimson will stand up, but you can still do damage for a few seconds, once you see 0 dmg on screen, all the zerg move out.


You can go back and run colours. You repeat everything as long as you get Crimson to 5%.





Here to make great wurm vulnerable you need to run kegs. You need to place 20 of them at the red arrow in front of him. Once it will be done, he will become vulnerable.




There are few important things to be known. First is to run kegs with the zerg and the commander. The kegs will not stay as long as you want in the front of the wurm, they will disappear or get eaten by him after some time, so if you wait too long you will lose a chance to get to burn phase, and you will need to stack kegs from the beginning.


If you miss A FEW kegs it is good if people without stacking run and will try to get kegs. It’s sometimes happens and usually people are on time with bringing missing kegs.


If you fall into the water you will lose keg. Also if you lose the keg, you have some time in which you can’t pick up another one.

There are 3 kegs spot from where you get them, but there is only one “open†at any time. They change each 2 minutes, so stacking and listening to commander is important as he knows when they will do so and if zerg has enough time to pick them up or not.




The 3 spots:

  • The beach (nr 1 on the picture)– easiest one, you just pick up the keg when commander says and run with stacking or without, commander will call which option you are doing.



  • The jumping puzzle (nr 2) – here you have to jump several times to not fall into the water. It is important to do it slowly but good. Better to be delayed 8 seconds then lose a keg and maybe fail the event.




  • The plank (nr 3) – there you should remember to stay on the plank, as you can get a keg from there, and when you stand on the keg spot and try to get to plank you have to jump, and may fall into the water. Also after you pick up the keg and stand on the rock after it, you have to jump from the rock, otherwise you will fall into the water as well.



So zerg has enough kegs and you run to red arrow in front of wurm. Remember to place the keg with skill 1.  Also be careful about Cobalt spins, as they may interrupt you or get you downed. Once you place 20 kegs the wurm will become vulnerable very shortly.


When it happens, you all move to wurm, he will lie on the ground and become vulnerable. You want to place as many fire fields and blast them, put conjured weapons inside the stack and banners of strengh outside the stack but inside fire fields, when you stack 25 might, mesmers should use Time Warps. After some time Crimson will stand up, but you can still do damage for a few seconds, once you see 0 dmg on screen, all the zerg move out.



All 3 teams will be trying to get to 5% as quickly as possible. Once all 3 teams will achieve it, commanders will communicate and decide when start the last final burn phase. It is important to make it on all of them at almost the same time, as once the first great wurm will be dead, the time will switch to 1 minute, and you have only the minute to kill 2 other great wurms.


Before they will decide to decapitate, you will clear the event area from veteran wurms and eggs/larvas. Also people on Crimson will fill RED and YELLOW containers, leaving blue empty.


Second Phase

 If it will be done, the event will proceed to second phase. The bosses heads will cut off from their body and bury underground. They will come out and become vulnerable very shortly. In the second phase great wurms are no longer structures. They become legendary creatures so they can be crit.


Also the time will switch again and you will have 2 min on the clock to kill all 3 heads. You need to have as much damage as you can, so you should have prepared all your consumables. The faster you can do it the better it is, because if any of teams will have big troubles in killing the others can try to kill its one very fast and teleport to help them.


The most important thing during second phase is stacking on the commander. He knows how to stand and where to make it much easier and better, if you won't do it, wurm may go to other direction and slow everything. If you can’t see the commander just try to find his tag and get as close as you can


During 2nd phase head of the wurm can do 3 moves:

  • He will flop it’s body around spitting few small AOE’s, it is good to dodge hear to not get downed.
  • Wiggle – he pops up and land, knocking everybody out very good to have stability hear.
  • Charge – the head will choose one of the characters ( can be ranger’s pet or mesmer’s illusion) and start running toward this direction. It will down you instantly, it also runs for quite long time and leaves Acid Trail behind that can damage and cripple you.


Important things:

  • If you are not a condi or diboof, stick to what commander is doing and saying. If they don’t say to attack veteran wurms or anything else, don’t do that.
  • During whole event and especially during burn phase use melee cleaving weapons to do double damage with each hit.
  • The best gear to use is berserker gear, to get as much damage as we can during second phase.
  • Any kind of teleportation removes harpoon/colour buff/keg, also thieves' stealths are remowing it as well. (the only working stealth is mesmers Veil, which is useful on Cobalt).
  • There will be mushrooms spawning during escort and event, please don't eat them. They give you very small buff during escort, but it changes to big debuff during main event - they stun you each 10 sec, and it can cause that your character will vomit and spread the debuff to whole zerg.
  • Food:  Feast of truffle steak: it gives 100 power, 70 precision

Notes: on our runs almost always one of commanders drops the food in the middle, feel free to use it. As you can check in TP they aren’t very cheap so if you would like donate some time to time we would be appreciate.

Notes: superior ones cost more, and if you don’t feel well with paying that much you can use a cheaper version.

  • Remember to not attack the husks.
  • Consumables: Active items that will summon/deploy a pet/mortar for additional damage. Use them during second phase, on commander call.
  • We don’t stack/use confusion.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  • If you see downed person, pick him up, it takes a few seconds and it is better to have two people attacking instead of one
  • If you are dead, ress at one of waypoint and run back to event area:
    • For amber: Whisperwill Waypoint [&BLABAAA=]
    • For crimson: Firthside Vigil waypoint [&BKoBAAA=]
    • For cobalt: Jelako Waypoint [&BK8BAAA=]
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Very nice. Really like the images and info. :) Mainly images though. :P

With Cuddles and Snuggles, we go to Battle!

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Really nice guide. it would be nice if you could maybe add the information that any sort of teleportation (mesmer portals, cantrips, shadowsteps, blinks) destroys kegs/colour buffs, but dodging is fine (relevant for example at cobalt, since mobs can destroy kegs while you carry them), also it would be helpful if you could explain the mushrooms and the parasite (ask me if you are not 100% sure what it does). but overall a great guide for new players with alot of basic information about the event!

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@Battle Crys - thank you ;) I will be working on some even better pictures when I come back, and will be able to make more screen shots, now I was working mainly with resources from the Internet :D


@Anhor - well tbh, I don't know how, but I just had forgotten about those 2 things while i was writing ;) Thx for reminding, I added both to important things, also added that stealths doesn't work as well (if I am wrong, correct me please ;) ) besides the Veil, about which i mentioned ;)


I wrote it because we don't have any updated guide about triple trouble, and on those ones which are on our site there are many things which we don't do anymore or which have changed.

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Looks quite nice but it's starting to be late so i'll read it in detail later and tell you anything that may be missing imo :D

"<22:00:49> "SeriousJack": Impressive. Erza can do a 5 minute brief without breathing."

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