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Auction Item 8: Poetjuh

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Sexy, Singing, Super-amazing. This crazy dutchman is here to stay. But not only is he great fun, and a superb singer, he also knows how to handle responsibility, is sweet, charming, nice, always able to stay calm, and he is the leader of a successful guild.

What is there not to like? Hop on to this train ride, straight to the greatest date you’ve ever had!


This champ commands literally everything.


The current bid for this commander is: 50 gold, and the bidder is Killjoyskeleton

Auction rules:

If you want to bid, place your bid in this format:

[GW2 Account Name], [Bid]

The minimum bid is 2 gold, so for example: the highest bid is 14 gold, then you can bid 16 gold or more, but you cannot bid less than 16 gold.

See also the general post.

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On 25-2-2017 at 10:29 PM, Killjoyskeleton said:

[Pac.8641], [50g] 


By now you may or may not have received an in-game message containing basically the same, but you’ve won this commander!
Before you consume your date though, make sure to deposit your bid at our gw2community treasurer Tyr [The Tyressinator.1267] though. After this the commander in question will get in contact with you!

Much love, and have a nice date!


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