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[BurN] PvE Raids Recruiting

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Hello all!

BurN is a PvX Community, looking for new people for our PvE Raid Team.

We decided to merge our raids with another guild, where we mixed the 2 rosters and planned several raids per week.

We still have a few bosses to learn - so don't expect perfection. The Goal is to do a full clear per raid.

Our main Team needs new fresh blood into it and we're therefore looking for:

  • 2 Chronomancers (you don't have to be able to tank but keep in mind you will have to learn)
  • 1 Druid Healing


We’ve split relevant classes up in following categories: SUPPORT - DPS - CONDI.
Everyone should be able to play 1 Support, 1 DPS & 1 Condi - note that this is a demand to be on the Team.
This means when you join on one of these categories, we expect you to work towards having a relevant class ready in one of the other categories. Pm me to know what classes/builds go under which category.

Be aware that we’ve taken into consideration that not everyone has bought PoF, so we still have some HoT classes in the setup which are still viable. But HoT is a must.

Our raids are rather organized and we expect you to do what's needed in order to join a raid (sign up, run the right class+right build, join on time and join Discord).

We don't expect you to be a pro but we do expect you to know your class and be able to play it.

Raid - Tuesday at 8pm CEST/CET.


For more info or inv, pm goldibird.6375

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