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Vabbi Meta (Serpent's Ire)

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I'm new here and I checked the upcoming events calendar etc. 

Would it be possible for GW2C to organize some runs for the serpent's ire meta in vabbi? It had it's rewards buffed and even then, I still need the achievement and I'm probably not the only one :)

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Hi Suicu

First of all, welcome to our community and site. Do look around and use our forums.

Due to demand and the popularity of Serpents Ire, GW2Community will be running it today Saturday 18/11/2017 at 19:15 CET and again next Saturday 25/11/2017 at the same time. Please join us on our TS server to take part in the fun. Hope to see you there.
Also keep an eye on our calendar for future events.

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