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Auction item 2: Davin

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Mature is not how you would describe this commander.
However, he always tries to be funny.
He is mostly seen commanding wurm or hanging around in teamspeak.
Whether talking to Yochi or to others.
With his endless pool of energy he seems to always be beating up against Cypher and seeing how far he can stretch the boundaries.
If you’re looking for someone who is open and always trying to make the best of whatever is thrown at him, this commander is for you!



Auction rules:

If you want to bid, place your bid in this format:

[GW2 Account Name], [Bid]

The minimum bid is 2 gold, so for example: the highest bid is 14 gold, then you can bid 16 gold or more, but you cannot bid less than 16 gold.

Edited by Cypher

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Heaven Karma.5697  5Gold

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