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Condi Guide for Triple Trouble

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Condi Guide for Triple Trouble

by Tany (Tanylyla.6397)


This guide is for everyone who wants to learn more about condi’s at Triple Trouble (Wurm event). If you have any questions regarding the information in here contact any commander or condi. Have fun!



I. General Info

What are Condi’s? Condi’s are players with condition damage gear, traits and skills who fulfil one of the special roles needed at the Triple Trouble event - besides the diboof’s (blockers). Condi’s deal with the husks which the wurm can spit every 80 to 90 sec.



Their task is to keep the husks away from the zerg. Good control over these mobs is needed as husks can knock people out of the zerg, especially on amber this can endanger the event if they run into the stack of players waiting to be eaten. Or they can interrupt players placing kegs at cobalt as well as knocking players out of the wurm during a burn phase.
For this task condi’s want to kill the husks as fast as possible, but also make use of cc (crowd control) abilities to stun the husks to stop them from running around. It is not possible to knock back, push or pull husks anymore, instead you will damage the break-bar and the husk will be stunned for a few seconds when the bar is broken.
Condi’s do not follow the commander. They wait near the husk landing spots and only join for the burn phase if all husks are dead.


Amber Husk Spots

Husk spots on amber:
1st husk -> purple circle marker (between the road and the mushrooms behind the road)
2nd husk -> red heart marker (between the box, tuft of grass and mushrooms)
3rd husk -> blue square marker (in the middle of 4 tufts of grass)
wurm position on the orange commander tag






Husk Spots Crimson


Husk spots on crimson:
1st husk -> purple circle marker (below the blue extractor)
2nd husk -> red heart marker (between blue and red extractor, in front of some stones)
3rd husk -> blue square marker (below the red extractor)
wurm position on the orange commander tag







Husk Spots Cobalt

Husk spots on cobalt:
1st husk -> purple circle marker (on the dark ground)
2nd husk -> red heart marker (on the half circle formed by the water)
3rd husk -> blue square marker (between the tree and nutrients that spawn when the event is up)
wurm position on the orange commander tag









Why condition damage? Husks have very high toughness, making characters with power-based builds only deal low damage on them. However, conditions ignore toughness. This is why condi’s are way more effective against husks.


Gear: There is more than just one right gear set up. You want to have as much condition damage as possible (so choose condition damage as main stat). For example: exotic rabidgear (condi - prec - toughness) is easy to get for dungeon tokens. Having different pieces with different stats works as well. Other possible stat combinations are e.g. sinister, carrion or dire. If you already have a character with viper gear (condi dmg, power, prec, condi duration) for raids or fractals you can take this gear for a wurm condi as well - no need to make an extra set if you have a condi set already. But usually the fight against a husk only takes a few seconds - not enough to make condition duration effective, instead you want to have burst condition damage.


Husk-Blocking: It is possible that husks are blocked by the diboofs. However, we (the GW2community) agreed on only blocking husks if it is really needed for the event to succeed. That might be the case if we would not have enough people doing the event mechanic to make the wurm vulnerable or blocking the 1st husk spit on amber. In other situations husks should not be blocked as long as we have a condi team to deal with them.

To avoid misunderstandings and unnecessarily blocked husks, tell your commander and the blockers that you want to condi. This can be done in squad chat before the event starts. Also, while we are stacking up on the commander tags to sort numbers at the Firthside Vigil WP, condi’s stack on the hills to the sides of the main stacks. When joining the squads, you can move yourself into the 3rd sub-group (click on your name in the squad and drag yourself there), commander and blockers are usually in the 2nd sub-group.



Husk skills: Of course husks will fight back, their attacks are the following:
Hand Slap as auto attack;
Stomp and Punch which will launch and knock back;
Throw Parasites - husk lifts his arm up to his head and throws the parasites like a baseball at the player, dodge this as parasites will stun you every few seconds;
Lunge - husk leaps onto the player and will spawn binding roots that will immobilize you.




II. Classes and builds

Below you can find some (wurm-)condi builds for different classes. Please keep in mind that these builds are only suggestions and can change with updates, making skills, traits or even entire classes more or less useful as wurm condi’s. In general, any condi builds can be used, however, you may want to change skills to get more CC.

*work in progress*
If you have experience as wurm condi and want to add information or want to help to complete this section by adding missing classes, message me (Tany)!



Berserker (Warrior) - Build by LacsapCondi Warr Traits
Strong CC and great condi damage.

Weapons:  sword + torch, longbow

Traits: Tactics: 3 2 1 | Empowered [&B78FAAA=], Burning Arrows [&B8cFAAA=], Powerful Synergy [&B4MGAAA=].
Arms: 1 3 2 | Wounding Precision 
[&B68FAAA=], Blademaster [&BzUFAAA=], Furious [&B0IFAAA=].
Berserker: 2 2 2 | Last Blaze 
[&B/cHAAA=], Heat the Soul [&B/oHAAA=], King of Fires [&B/YHAAA=].

Heal: Blood Reckoning
Utility: Wild Blow 
[&BvV0AAA=], Shattering Blow [&Bnp1AAA=], Outrage [&BjJ2AAA=].
Elite: Head butt 

Rotation: Flames of War [&BvR0AAA=], Savage leap [&Bh44AAA=], Outrage [&BjJ2AAA=], Blaze Breaker [&BpV0AAA=], Wild Blow [&BvV0AAA=], Shattering Blow [&Bnp1AAA=], Head butt [&Bod2AAA=], Berserk [&BuN2AAA=], Flaming Flurry [&Btp3AAA=].
Weapon Swap
Fan of Fire
 [&Brc4AAA=],  Scorced Earth [&BuN0AAA=], Blood Reckoning [&Bu11AAA=], Scorced Earth [&BuN0AAA=], Pin Down [&Bqg4AAA=], Outrage [&BjJ2AAA=], Fan of Fire [&Brc4AAA=], should be already dead by now. 
Autoattack during cooldowns.







Reaper (Necro) - Build by NoraCondi necro traits
Strong CC and good condi damage.

Weapons:  staff, scepter + dagger (more condis and condi transfer) or warhorn (extra cc, should not be needed with this build)

Traits: Spite: 3 2 1 |  Bitter Chill [&B0cHAAA=], Awaken the Pain [&Bz0DAAA=], Signets of Suffering [&B5cDAAA=]
Curses: 2 1 3 | Plague Sending [&B90HAAA=], Master of Corruption [&BzADAAA=], Lingering Curse [&ByEDAAA=]
Reaper: 2 3 2 | Chilling Nova [&B+QHAAA=], Decimate Defenses [&B+8HAAA=], Deathly Chill [&B38HAAA=]

Heal: Summon Blood Fiend
Utility: Spectral Grasp [&BnwpAAA=], Blood Is Power [&BjApAAA=], Signet of Spite [&Bn4pAAA=]
Elite: Chilled to the Bone [&Bpl1AAA=]

Rotation: Always start with staff! If you find your arena being clear, you can precast marks (skill 2, 3, 5) on your husk landing spot, but be aware of small animals triggering your marks. If there's wildlife running around, just place your marks when your husk is landing. This should already remove a good amount of the break-bar. Next up comes Spectral Grasp and Chilled to the Bone – not necessarily in that order. You can either use Blood is Power now and transfer the self inflicted bleeding onto the husk now or after the following section: The last bit of break will be removed by entering Reaper Shroud and either double clicking skill 3 or using skill 5 right away which usually is enough. Immediately use skill 4 after skill 5 and spin to win in your ice field – preferably INSIDE the husk's hitbox to land all the projectiles from whirl finisher - for massive amounts of bleeds caused by „Deathly Chill“ in your Reaper trait line. This is the core rotation; if you can manage to land this, your husk is basically doomed to die already. Now you can use your scepter and remaining utility skills off cooldown.

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