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Valentines day with the GW2Community \o/

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"Are you all alone in this cold dark world?
Are you fed up by cooking dinners for one?
This day, will change your life!"


We the GW2Community "Dating app" will solve all your problems!
For we host a marvelous day the
17th of february!
You, our finest bachelor or bachelorette is welcome from 14:00 CET onward.

We will host nice events for you! 
You can check them out below!


Time Event
14:00 CET Where is the love? (Hunt for Harpy Pheromones)
14:30 CET Love parade
15:00 CET Hide and Seek
16:00 CET Couple costume contest
17:30 CET  Triple Trouble Wurm Valentine's Day edition
  Short Break
19:00 CET Walk in the Moonlight through the jungle
20:30 CET One Night Dragon's Stand
22:00 CET TeamSpeak activities:
  - Pick up lines in other languages
  - Romantic movie night (Movie quiz)
  - Karaoke with love songs

We hope to see you there and wish you good luck with finding the one true love within this community!



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Hello lovely people. For those who are interested here are few further details to the events.

Where is the love?:
We are doing a quick event to summon a merchant that sells Harpy Pheromones to spread love amongst the people.

Love parade:
It's basically a walk through Lion's Arch using tonics and Harpy Pheromones to gather people for upcoming events.

Hide and Seek:
A classic Hide and Seek with a little love sidestory.

Couple Costume contest:
As the title says it's a costume contest for couples. Choose your favorite partner to participate. Every kind of couple costume is allowed - matching clothes, wedding couples, famous movie couples...

Walk in the Moonlight through the jungle:
Join us for a romantic Chak Gerent and Octovine kill :)

For further questions to the events feel free to ask me.

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