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Serpent's Ire problems

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Hi there,

I am new to this community and for a while have been trying like mad to complete the Serpent's Ire meta in PoF. 

Not sure if this is the correct board for it but anyone have any advice as to how i can get into a group to complete this? 

Not sure how to get into the teamspeak etc and any advice would be great.



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Hi and welcome :)

We do Serpents' Ire on a regular basis so also on Thursday, May 24th at 19:10 CEST.

The fastest way to join us and the right squad would be joining us on TeamSpeak: ts.gw2community.com

Other than that you could also join our Discord, where we always announce our events: https://discordapp.com/invite/6EerzSz

Also feel free to contact me (Juka.9075) ingame for any questions.

Hope to see you around :)

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