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  • Guilds

    GW2Community supports a number of guilds within Guild Wars 2 both in & out of the game, being associated with GW2Community is a great way for guilds to keep in touch with what is going on with events and activities while being a part of an ever expanding community of gamers.

    Contact @Cypher via our Teamspeak server (ts.gw2community.com), Discord server or through the message system on our website and request that your guild join GW2C!

    Partnered Guilds
    Partnered Guilds are guilds that work with GW2Community but are not directly involved with the events run by the community. Being a Partnered Guild is a great way to get your name out there in the community, especially if you are a new guild looking for members or a larger guild looking to run events with the community.

    • Guilds must respect other community guilds & their members
    • Guilds must follow the Community Rules
    • Contact info of the guild representative
      • GW2 Account name
      • Forum name
      • Teamspeak name
      • Discord tag (optional)
    • Teamspeak Guild Channel on ts.gw2community.com - Partnered Guilds will automatically be assigned their own guild channels on our Teamspeak server to be used by their members as the Guild Leaders see fit. These channels are also automatically filtered to the top of the Guilds Section of Teamspeak
    • Community members will be actively encouraged to join Partnered Guilds ensuring Partnered guilds remain active at all times
    • A general place to stay up to date with everyone in your guild
    • A place to have fun together and a potential boost for your member count

    Current Partnered Guilds
    • [EVE] Europe Versus Enviroment - Community guild (Stage 4) - Legacy
    • [Wums] Wurmschlächter - Community guild (Stage 4)
    • [GOTD] Guardians of the Dutch - Community guild (Stage 4)
    • [LoA] The Legends Of Avalon - Community guild (Stage 4)
    • [SOUL] Infinite Odysses - Community guild (Stage 4)
    • [ACN] Abandoned Crimson Noobs - Community guild (Stage 4)
    • [CCD] Crazy Crew of Doom - Partnered guild (stage 3)
    • [DH] Light Haven - Partnered guild (stage 3)
    • [TEU] Tyrian Elite Unit - Partnered guild (stage 3)
    • [WSR] Whitestock Rebels - Partnered guild (stage 3)
    • [KiT] Kitty’s Train Brigade - Partnered guild (stage 2)
    • [HERO] Misforged Hero's - Partnered guild (stage 2)
    • [Core] Wardens of the Depths - Partnered guild (stage 2)
    • [NiP] Nothing in Particular - Partnered guild (stage 2) - Legacy
    • [cain] CainJadeHQ - Partnered guild (stage 1)
    • [FIRE] Order of the Burning Dawn - Partnered guild (stage 1)
    • [LGA] The Legionaries Of Great Arms - Partnered guild (stage 1)
    • [FOMJ] Followers Of Master Jack - Partnered guild (stage 1)
    • [ARMA] Armageddon Fc - Partnered guild (stage 1)
    • [FooF] Meta FooF - Partnered guild (stage 1)

    Stage System
    • Stage 1: (Partnered Guild) Basic Support (Entry Level)
      • Access to a main guild channel and two sub-channels (names are leader's choice) on our dedicated TeamSpeak server.
      • * Requirements: Successful Partnered Guilds Application
    • Stage 2: (Partnered Guild) Custom TeamSpeak Support
      • Creation of a Guild Server Tag to identify your guildies on the TeamSpeak
      • Custom Channel Descriptions
      • * Requirements: Stage one requirements met, 2 weeks of active guild channel use in teamspeak
    • Stage 3: (Partnered Guild) - Advanced TeamSpeak Support
      • More Teamspeak channels, 1 passworded channel
      • * Requirements: Stage 2 requirements met and 1 month of active guild channel use
    • Stage 4 (Community guild) - Very Important Guild Support
      • Guild Channels moved to the top of the Partnered list on TeamSpeak.
      • Able to request more channels by contacting Cypher
      • * Requirements: Stage 3 requirements met, 3 months of active TeamSpeak use & GW2Community event participation. **Must be requested from Cypher.

    Rise up the ranks:
    To add a little competitive edge to the Partnered Guild list we will be ranking activity of guilds with the highest activity of each stage being listed above the others (with the exception of Community Guilds). The more active your guild is on our TeamSpeak, the higher it will go, will you make it to the top?!

    Important note regarding Guild tags on Teamspeak
    Please note that the [TAGS] on Teamspeak in front of peoples' names merely indicate membership of said guild, not representation. This is important to point out since some guilds have 100% representation policy, which is perfectly fine, but actual representation takes place in the game of Guild Wars 2 (by choosing which guild to represent). Tags on this Community Teamspeak don't indicate representation, but rather the list of guilds each person is member of much like the list of guilds each player has in Guild Wars 2. We suggest to stick with up to 2 guild tags purely for better visual readability.