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  1. Tibory

    Community Minecraft Server Whitelist

    Well this wasn't expected
  2. What elements would you say?
  3. Tibory

    New Community Manager

    lol, you guys definitely drove this off-topic.
  4. Tibory

    Forum Titles

    Damn! you post magnet!
  5. Tibory

    NOICE :D

    I second that :P
  6. Tibory

    Yes or No Game!

    No Do you feel the force within?
  7. Tibory

    Forum Titles

    I'll give it some thought @darthbaz and see if I can't do something about it, the title that I think you were referring to though was what you currently have as "Pale Tree Seedling"
  8. Yeah I completely agree, I do enjoy CS:GO but as for set-up it's a pain :P
  9. Tibory

    Yes or No Game!

    Simple, the person above you will ask a question and you will have to answer it with ONLY either YES or NO...then it is your turn to ask the question! Do you like Ice-Cream? Go!
  10. Tibory

    Can't be many parents...

    Awww haha!
  11. I do, we have a Counter Strike server up as well. I am currently looking for someone to assist with the configuration of it.
  12. I think it's worth giving it ago again.
  13. Tibory

    Community Minecraft Server Whitelist

    All current usernames have been added to the whitelist by Cypher.
  14. Please reply to this thread with your Minecraft Username to be added to the Community Minecraft Server Whitelist. Tibs Usernames: Seeker91 | Tibory tinyminy | Sir Bornislax JMProductions | Lydia Shadowforest Yuhi | Yuhi Miwanda | Ruuti AltF4toWin | monky Cypher222 | Cypher Vaijin | Electra Jones Valdinator | Val Mikurri | Miss Sonnenschein davidbirkin | Aibaa Jervis | Jervis TJSpring | Freontwel Quendorsof | Yuudai Balzamon | Ireth Alcarin Dandarr | Dandarr F1shhy | Goremaw Bloodfang Siema | Siema Woliance | Woliancw GoAudio | ??? Volc_Mistleaf | Volc Aerolla | Aerolla _Knoffi_ | Knoffi xeTaiz | xeTaiz Bram | BLinssen Mouseyy | Mousey bumble_cheese | cheese Nesnalica | Nesnalica Aksille | Johnnyc