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  1. AstronomyD

    TeamSpeak Website Function

    Nice feature It makes it much easier for people that stumble upon the community web site for the first time to join us on TS. Is it possible to integrate this from the events in the calendar also with a link to the correct channel? Or maybe something like "Join us on TS now" to go straight into the channel of the current event on top of the "Upcoming events" list?
  2. I'm going to a concert on Friday 4th but looking forward to participate in the events on Saturday and Sunday. I really appreciate the work the event team do for the community to make GW2 more than just another MMO.
  3. The image says it all. Our great commander led us to victory
  4. AstronomyD

    Secret Santa

    I would also like to be a santa Merry Wintersday everyone!
  5. AstronomyD

    Donation Goal Tracker

    Is it possible to have both? You know, like a monthly and yearly community achievement?
  6. I would also like some company running low level fractals (I'm currently at level 2). I had an OK time running as a noob in a pug for my first and only fractal, but felt that the rest of the team would have liked it to run a bit faster. I've watched the KING tutorials posted on Particlar's YouTube channel which explains some of the mechanics for an optimized run but I would like to participate in some kind of mentoring events. I like the idea of a community dungeon night where different groups can group up and run different dungeons. What do we need to arrange for this to happen? Can we just pick a night and announce it some days in advance during our normal gw2community boss kills?