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    Wildstar - The faction poll!

    Someone basically sets up camp outside your spawn point, brings his weapon of choice and makes certain that you die as soon as possible after spawning, again and again.
  2. Damond

    Wildstar !?

    The open beta is over, but by the looks of it, we will still get some chances to play the game before release: https://forums.wildstar-online.com/forums/index.php?/topic/49028-ops-week-faq/
  3. Damond

    Wildstar !?

    Yep, they are indeed huge! Genetic Archives: 5 events 10 minibosses (which are no joke and give proper loot) 6 bosses Datascape: 16 minibosses 7 bosses 2 rooms (which are supposed to be as hard as bosses to get through and give loot accordingly)
  4. Damond

    Wildstar - The faction poll!

    I will most likely roll Exile on a PvP server for 2 main reasons: 1) PvP servers tend to breed the best players (as you always need to stay alert and react quickly, to avoid getting ganked). 2) As Ireth stated, Exile seems to be favoured. Both are pretty important points for me, as I will mainly be playing the game for the raiding aspect. EDIT: didn't vote
  5. Just thought I would post my condition tactics notes, so any condies new to the event can come prepared. Also, if you know a thing or two about running condi on the event, I can always use some feedback. 1st phase- Our focus is killing husks- We do not run kegs on Cobalt, run phytotoxins on Crimson or get eaten on Amber- We will split 2-1-2 on the husk spawns- Husks are only vulnerable to conditions- When the great wurm is vulnerable, we only help burn it if all husks are dead- Suggested condition consumables: * [Koi Cakes] * [Tuning Crystals] * For more information on condition consumables, see Barthyboy's reply below- Essential weapons: * Necromancers: Scepter and dagger <=> staff * Engineers: Pistol and pistol * Rangers: Shortbow <=> axe and torch- Essential skills: * Necromancers: [Consume Conditions][Epidemic][signet Of Spite][blood Is Power][Lich Form] * Engineers: [Grenade Kit][Tool Kit][bomb Kit] * Rangers: [Viper's Nest][spike Trap][Flame Trap][Entangle] * Asuras: [Pain Inverter]- Suggested traits: * Necromancers: 6/6/0/0/2 > Spite: VI - IV - XI > Curses: II - IV - IX > Soul Reaping: VI * Engineers: 6/6/0/0/2 > Explosives: II - IX - XI > Firearms: V - VI - XII > Tools: VI * Rangers: 2/6/6/0/0 > Marksmanship: III > Skirmishing: II - VIII - XI > Wilderness Survival: V - VII - XIII- Focus order: husks > great wurm > grubs/larvas > eggs > wurms 5 %- At around 4 minutes on the timer, after killing a husk wave- Get out of combat- Change armour into direct damage burst gear (berserker's or other gear with power) * Mesmers and engineers do not need to change armour (confusion is still viable for phase 2)- Change weapons: * Necromancers: Staff ==> axe/dagger and anything * Rangers: Axe and torch ==> greatsword * Keep your condition weapons on weapon swap, for the last husk wave- Change skills: * Necromancers: [Consume Conditions][Epidemic] ==> [signet of Vampirism][signet of Undeath] * Engineers: [Grenade Kit] ==> [Elixir R] * Rangers: [spike Trap][Entangle] ==> [Quickening Zephyr][Rampaging As One]- Change traits: * Necromancers: > Spite: IV and XI ==> VIII and XII * Engineers: > Explosives: II and IX ==> IV and X > Firearms: XII ==> XI * Rangers: > Marksmanship: III ==> VI > Skirmishing: II and X ==> I and V > Wilderness Survival: V and VII ==> III and X- Run back to your assigned husk spawn 2nd phase- Stack on the commander- Listen closely to our commander on TS- If you changed to power gear, use power food and sharpening stones * [bowls of Butternut Squash Soup] (if you have a high crit chance) * [Plates of Orrian Steak Frittes] (if you have a very low crit chance) * [Hardened Sharpening Stones]- Whatever happens, ALWAYS place yourself between the wurm head and the nearest wall- When the wurm looks up, DODGE!- Dodge the wurm head's jumping animation- Keep stacking on the commander- Do NOT walk in the slime, you will be slowed- Mesmers and engineers stack confusion * Bleeding, burning and poison are pretty useless in this phase- Necromancers and engineers help downed up with [signet of Undeath] and [Elixir R] respectively Good luck!- Damond