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  1. Perilous Liaisons

    Farewell Comrades

    Good luck to you, thank you for all the runs!
  2. Perilous Liaisons

    The Secret World

    But... but... the lore, the atmosphere.., the mechanics, the builds..! Truth be told I like TSW much more than I like GW2, though I have played that horse to death for now. I don't find TSW grindy, for most part, unless one decides to dive deep into the end-game. Not sure about the static enemies either, never noticed that much either. :x
  3. Perilous Liaisons

    The Secret World

    Anyone here playing TSW? I personally think it is a brilliant and hugely unappreciated game with brilliant writing and perfect, dark mood (tentacles, so many tentacles!)
  4. Perilous Liaisons

    Gamescom 2014

    I'll be there on 16th only, and only during the day... But i am coming with a full train of Dutch nerds complete with gaming stations etc, so it should be fun on its own! http://tweakers.net/acties/tweakersexpress/Home