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  1. darthbaz

    Dr Who

    Cone on with the new series!!! tired of waiting now!!!! lol
  2. darthbaz

    Have a laugh

    Life Hack!
  3. darthbaz

    Author! Author!

    Red Sister by Mark Lawrence was an excellent read.
  4. darthbaz

    What are you playing?

    GW2 on the pc, a bit of Overwatch and PUBG on XBox when I get the time....very rarely these days!
  5. darthbaz

    Dr Who

    Bradley Walsh is an excellent actor, been in a few series I've seen and refreshing to have a companion older than the Dr!
  6. darthbaz

    I Have No Idea What I'm Doing

    Once you hit level 10 your questing begins, you will get a mail and a green star will appear top right with a quest for you, generally do the quests , purchase a salvage kit from a merchant and salvage any green/blue items you get. KEEP gold ones and ask someone in your guild whether to use/sell/salvage them. Keep any materials you get as if you start crafting you will need a LOT! if you need a guild check out the ones we have here they are all guaranteed awesome...especially TEU :-) :-) and if you need any help in game add me to your friends list darthbaz.3192 , happy to help.
  7. darthbaz

    Author! Author!

    Django Wexler! and also Peter V Brett
  8. darthbaz

    Dr Who

    OK now Moffat has gone maybe we can have a return to the stuff Moffat USED to write! I enjoyed David Bradley as Dr No.1 and look forward to seeing how the new Dr gets herself out of THAT predicament lol
  9. darthbaz

    What's your favourite TV show?

    Currently enjoying the new Star Trek BUT...enough with the Klingon subtitles!!! we get it! they are aliens it's just horribly clunky whenever they speak.
  10. darthbaz

    Welcome Back ?

    Pick a guild! I am sure any of them would be more than happy to have you and help you out.
  11. darthbaz

    What's your favourite TV show?

    Oh and Flash Forward as well, loved that series.
  12. darthbaz

    What's your favourite TV show?

    Same here lol and still bitter about it's cancellation! #BrowncoatsFTW
  13. darthbaz

    What's your favourite TV show?

    Forgot all about this!! loved it! I will gloss over the erroneous series tacked on at the end when Straczynski had finished the story off after being told it was getting cancelled!
  14. darthbaz


    "One of the all time premier guitar players" - Alice Cooper
  15. darthbaz

    Author! Author!

    Just discovered Mortal Instrument series, enjoyed the 1st one waiting on No.2 arriving!