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  1. Oh and Jim Butcher if you are reading this WRITE FASTER GODDAMIT, love The Dresden Files :-)
  2. Well....what an amazing end to the series!! looks like a clean sweep for everything after the Xmas special!
  3. Not sure what you are asking tbh! get your gems from in game that's the safest way.
  4. Half Man Half Biscuit, not heard that name for a while! great indie band from back in the day....oh and welcome to our community!
  5. Walking downstairs, Will announces he needs a wee...and that I need to get him a drink I get him the drink and place it near his beanbag *wanders in* "That's not where the drink should go daddy, shall we try that again and do it right this time?" He's 3......I'm doomed.
  6. Welcome Pavari ! glad you are having fun with us and hope you stick around a long time :-)
  7. Hi Traktor :-)
  8. Loving my new t-shirt :-)
  9. Ralf Little was pretty anonymous as a guest star the other week in the robot emoji episode, but David Suchet last night was brilliant I thought.
  10. Hey Lar! welcome to the forums! we hope you stay and have a great time :-)
  11. I seem to recall there are a few Whovians out there! what do we think of the new series/Companion? really enjoyed 1st one last week :-)
  12. Who's your favourite author or new find? I mostly stick to fantasy stuff , recently discovered Brian McClellan and Sebastien De Castell, looking forward to Brandon Sanderson new one that's out in November...why can't they write faster! lol
  13. Hi there FrangeL glad you took the time out to come visit us, hope you enjoy your stay :-)