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  1. Ireth Alcarin


    Because of the recent WvW update i think that fits well here
  2. Ireth Alcarin

    Brand New Website Theme

    am i the only one that thinks the opencommunity site looks now almost like ours? xD
  3. Ireth Alcarin

    New Community Manager

    I have mastered this art...thats what i learned after i moved on from gw2c officer to LoL senior adjudicator :*D
  4. Ireth Alcarin

    New Community Manager

    it actually was Voltaire a french writer/philosopher who said that
  5. Ireth Alcarin


    if i only had the time and money to buy it :*D
  6. Ireth Alcarin

    NOICE :D

    Well just wanted to say that everyone who has MC should at least check the server out...from what i saw there are some pretty crazy ppl building some nice stuff on it
  7. Ireth Alcarin

    Community Minecraft Server Whitelist

  8. Ireth Alcarin

    Wildstar F2P

    well idk whenever i want to play there is no issus, that said, i play on a max lvl char in highlevel areas where you only have a handfull of people yet. (whats sad since i cant do the groupcontent Q_Q) they have several issues from what i heard. 1. population - way to many new players so server are overloaded -> they released 2 new servers for that, that will be merged back together when they figured out all issues. 2. spagetti code -> from what i gathered there were issues when your character updates, means picking up loot, getting a new quest and so on. (here i just shake my head...seems like terrible coding) 3.characterselection/dc issus: i have heard of them but barley experienced them myself. yes 1-2 times i dc´d but could relog back. (happens in gw2 too from time to time) cant say something to the characterselect issue since i havent made a new one. also i play on the PvP server. I heard that server was dead because everyone was playing on the PvE server. So might be that everything of the stuff mentioned above is worse there. what makes me play it is just the amazing housing system *______* , open world pvp (even if i suck at it), the way more dynamic and way harder fights compared to e.g. gw2 i doubt i will spend alot of time in the game until they have a stable population in the higher area (what they will only get if they fix all the issues, otherwise everyone will leave sooner or later) also there is the gw2 expansion just around the corner...
  9. Ireth Alcarin

    Wildstar F2P

    well, i have checked it so far i havent rly seen an issue. (tho i have bought it in the beginning so i am not rly a f2p player) There are 2 megaservers one pvp and one pve (apparently the majority of people plays on the pve server - jeej my lvl 50 char is ofc on the pvp server )
  10. Ireth Alcarin

    Wildstar F2P

    Heya, Wildstar goes F2P in like 1h 30min. I thought i give it another try and thought i ask around if there are some guys around that will do so too.
  11. Ireth Alcarin

    Holidays - who wants to play?

    Hey, so i finally have holidays and i got way to bad in league xD so yeah...i plan on playing a LOT, so if someone wants to tag along just drop your name, most of the time i still have some slots free in my team :3
  12. Ireth Alcarin

    What are you playing?

    Minecraft, league of legends, tiny bit gw2 , cs:go ...joa thats kinda my free time atm
  13. would mostlikely check in from time to time. spening some of my free time on another MC server atm and i think i like the game ...so much to gather so much to build *___*
  14. Ireth Alcarin

    Overwatch - New FPS by Blizzard

    if i have the time i will for sure try it but the list of games i need to try is long and the time i have for it is sadly not that much...well 2-3 months holidays actually from now on
  15. Ireth Alcarin

    Just Korean things....

    i doubt i need to comment it