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  1. Lannah

    New Tequatl World Record

    Heavily influenced by hype, I cannot help but update this thread with the time for fastest Teq (as of June 18, 2015): 13:15 Vids and a pic available at http://www.reddit.com/r/txs/comments/3ae1x6/new_world_record_on_teq_1315_beating_previous/ Maybe the upcoming condi changes will help this go even faster. EDIT: 13:15 was done by TxS, which includes booblets from most communities
  2. The 200% burn DD was moved with the March patcharoo.
  3. Lannah


    absolutely positively smitten by the soloist in this vid (starting at 1:06) afk moving to Sweden bye
  4. You'd still get higher numbers by just swinging your gs on the left spot I think. But yes, DDD is between the two DDs and engineers own that spot. See the damage per bomb in this example: '> 7372 + 7372 + 2726 per bomb (every 0.5 seconds) with 18 might.
  5. EDIT: This is no longer relevant as of March 2015. The burn DD is currently between Teq's feet while facing the lab/head. Ironically, people stand in the middle during burn phases. Yes, there is a DD there, but it's not 2x 100%. The true DD is off to the left (and possibly in other spots as well). See this video to find out where exactly: I still need to get a guildie to show me where exactly engis stand to hit three boxes... DDD!
  6. Yes yes, Tequatl is an easy encounter by now and everyone knows how to do it. I guess that's why you don't have a comprehensive walk-through on the forum - there is no need for one. Nevertheless, the first phase in melee still seems to be a challenge for some players. Many organizers have the east attack zerg go melee on the foot of the dragon and that's all fine and dandy. There is, however, a spot between the front feet where you can cleave two hit-boxes. The DD (double damage) spot can be tricky to find unless you're playing a bombkit engineer, so I've compiled a video showing how to find it and what the phase looks like when you're standing there. The thing is, it's not enough to know where the DD is - players also need to know how to read the dragon's animations on their own. The waves spawn much closer and you cannot rely on someone else to tell you when to jump via TS. A video showing the DD and the animations: Engineers are totally cheating at this. It is amazingly easy to DD with bombs: Obviously, if the zerg stands in one spot, all damage fields are going to spawn there, and since the zerg doesn't move, attackers need to be in tanky gear. Synced Walls of Reflection and Swirling Winds are also more important in melee, since a single poison field from a finger can wipe everyone there. I hope this helps the folks who land on maps with groups that organize this type of melee.
  7. Lannah

    guideline about tequatl and wurm

    Done a short video of the animations/attacks that happen during the second phase, because too many people still don't know how to move or when to dodge. I recorded at Crimson, but all three wurmheads have the same animations. They're tricky to see when you're standing next to a wall and you have to quickly turn the camera to get a good angle, but practice makes perfect. Edit- just noticed that this post is better suited for the Triple trouble walkthrough thread.. sorry. I'd remove it if I knew how to do that.
  8. Lannah

    Video guide to Tequatl Turreteering

    Glad you like it. I kinda prefer silent vids in some cases, so players can hear what's happening on Teamspeak while they're watching a vid before an event
  9. Lannah

    Video guide to Tequatl Turreteering

    Here's another (there is no sound):