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  1. API keys simply allows the forums to call up specific information from your account so that It can be displayed on your profile. Just head to, create a key with the specific permissions and then attach it to your forum account in your account settings.
  2. We've been helping with the Toga party for years now, I can remember the first one there was that GW2C participaited in, some good fun! So if you can I'd definetly suggest donating and attending!
  3. I barely managed to scrape through Legendary with Mercy, that's a hero I play at Grand Master so it's definitely tricky even for PvE, which is actually quite a nice thing.
  4. Lots of new stuff with this new Uprising Event, including a bunch of nice Overwatch/Blackwatch outfits
  5. Shameless bump.
  6. What an elegant and informative response. +1
  7. Pretty much THE OG, account number 2 bitchezzzzzzz
  8. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, nah.
  9. All this time spent 'developing' a new forum theme (which is totally new and totally not just a recolour) and you couldn't come up with a new background/header to fit the rest of the theme?
  10. Every hero... because people in queues are selfish, so I more often than not find myself filling whichever role is required. My most played Hero throughout the game tho is Mercy
  11. Oh yeah? you mean the current one that I tweaked and altered? You know what they say, shit is still shit no matter how you dress it.
  12. I can quite happily give my opinion on what I see. Either way I look forward to seeing the next copy and paste theme I'm sure it is overflowing with creative originality!