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  1. Lelling

    Gw2c plays together

    There's the problem of EU being split into two separate servers in League, though.
  2. Lelling

    Pink Day in LA

    I've contacted Tibory and Birman, your name should be added in the next few moments =)
  3. Lelling

    Attack on Titan

    OH OH OH we killed like 3 of them today! You have to latch onto their back
  4. Lelling

    Attack on Titan

    I killed 14 titans and then THE ONE LAST TINY ONE got me T_T
  5. Lelling

    Pink Day in LA

    Oh, you've sent 10 gold and not specified what it's for, so I assumed it was for the mini llama raffle (10 tickets), not the precursor raffle (1 ticket) ^^
  6. Lelling

    Pink Day in LA

    What character did you send it from?
  7. Lelling

    Attack on Titan

    JOIN US! It is so much fun!
  8. Lelling

    Pink Day in LA

    No I forwarded it to Tibs in a mail wiiiiith *checks files* 20 gold from you, 20 gold from another person, and 20 of my gold (and I'm on the list), with all our account names and stuff so you should be on it as well.
  9. Lelling


  10. Lelling

    Pink Day in LA

    Just a quick explanation of this - the names are added in large chunks, our admins are very busy and during this very busy time, they barely have time to log in. They try to do it once a day and update all the names but sometimes that just doesn't, and can't happen. But rest assured that those donations were received and counted, otherwise you would be messaged back =)
  11. Lelling

    Illustration of boredness

    This looks really nice ^^
  12. Also just a quick note to everyone, because of all the events that are scheduled, we've not scheduled the 18:00 CEST Tequatl and 19:00 CEST Wurm for Saturday and Sunday ^^ If there's enough people who want to do it you can still gather in the Team 1 channels, but we can't guarantee enough commanders. But if enough people show up we'll do our best to accommodate you =)
  13. Lelling

    Season Reward

    Isn't it so that you can now also drop down leagues if you lose too many games? I thought that was a thing.