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  1. Teamspeak * Commander group has been split into three groups, each having a different tag colour - Blue - Commander doing both Triple Wurm and HoT and PoF events - Purple - Commander doing HoT and PoF events - Orange - Commander doing Triple Wurm * Team Leader tag has received an update in order to better display the difference between Commander and Team Leader groups
  2. got a wrong purchase :(

    Contact Arena Net support via web page. They do refund in cases like this. https://help.guildwars2.com/hc/en-us - submit a ticket there. Bear in mind that the support can be very slow and take several days.
  3. * Removed some more restrictions in Gallery that prohibited a comfortable use
  4. Teamspeak * The minimum Teamspeak client version to connect to the server is now 3.1.6. This is forced. * It is now possible to get a Music Bot server group for your music bot. Please turn to any Community Manager or Team Leader to get the icon. Music bots will no longer be allowed to have Talk Rights. Music bots found to play music at too high levels may get their group revoked until the problem has been fixed. The point of "too high" is up to every Team Leader or Community Manager and it is non-negotiable. The volume levels may get re-checked by other staff members at any time. This is a trial run, so take everything into moderation! * There is now a shorter address that can be used to connect to Teamspeak server: GW2C. This can be used instead of ts.gw2community.com domain. * Guests can now upload avatars * Birdy will return soon to his job(s) Community * There will be Rules & Regulations update soon! Notifications and links will be posted once it has been rolled out. * Guild system is now more simplified. Until now, there were two systems running in parallel, one of which classified guilds as Partnered, Sponsor or Community Guilds, while the other defined the guild stage. This only caused unnecessary confusion. Furthermore, the original classification system proved to be way too complicated for most people to understand. Even with up-to-date guild lists, people were uncertain which guilds were Partnered and which guilds were Community guilds. So from this point on, the Guilds Classification System has reached End of Life (EOL). Any notes and/or references to the old system are to be considered redundant. From now on, in terms of classification, all guilds are exactly the same. The stage system will still be there, this can be seen in each guild's main channel's description. Guilds NíP and EVE will receive "Legacy Guild" tag to indicate the contribution given during the start of GW2Community. * Current Collabs system that is hosting all the guilds' forums will be closed and an alternative system will take its place. The alternative system looks different, but in the end has the same feel by providing the sub-forums, calendar, ranks and so on. All guilds that currently had forums AND HAD POSTS had an entity created in a new system. It will still be possible to add new guilds later on. If you wish to store any of the posts in your guild forums then please do so now since once the Collabs system is closed, it will no longer be possible. Collabs won't be closed before 30.09.2017. * Gallery should be now more simplified and easier to use. Please check here: https://gw2community.com/gallery
  5. Event Name: The King and Queen’s Horrorween 2016 Date: 29th Time and Time Zone: 6pm CEST Game Zone(s): Lion’s Arch Game World(s): Aurora Glade Sponsoring guild, group, or individuals: Daniel Frozenwind, Mad Queen Malafide & the PvE Special Interests Group. Suggested language for the event: English or Tyrian Come one, come all to Tyria’s oldest player run event (2016 marks it’s 11th consecutive year). The Snowman King and her majesty Mad Queen Malafide cordially invite you all to attend the King and Queen’s Horrorween 2016! A grand Halloween caper to fright and delight! Featuring the famous costume contests, live in-game bands and fan favorite activities you have all come to know and love! https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/community/events/The-King-and-Queens-Horrorween-2016/
  6. The IP is Do keep in mind, should the IP change, you'll have to have it resolved online somewhere (if the domain is not working for you), because IP changes are not announced. Also, not all VPNs can be used to connect to GW2C TS.
  7. Hi! When you come to the main page, there's a block on the right side called "Upcoming events", showing events occurring in the near future. It also provides a button to view a full list of them. I've moved it a bit upwards for better visibility.
  8. OG Roll Call

    I can turn that 2 into 9999 if you wish
  9. Aibaa is not working on the light theme. There's another developer for it. No ETA at the moment. Yeah, that got overwritten by an update. Trying to figure out a good solution for this.
  10. Event Poll 29.8. - 11.9.

    Octosteal - an event where after finishing Dragon's Stand you go to Auric Basin to take part of Octovine event (Battle in Tarir), which pretty much starts only minutes after Dragon's Stand is usually finished on Community runs. (Although I don't know if it involves Dragon's Stand anymore).
  11. I know there's quite a lot of hate for e-sports side of GW2 in GW2C, but there's still some food for thought in this video.
  12. * Introducing a new feature called "GW2 Integration"! Developed by @I Am Dansker, this feature allows you to show off your progress in GW2 by displaying different aspects of your account. Currently in the list: Account name World Account age Total playtime Achievement points Fractal level WvW rank Existence of commander tag Guilds Account version (Standard, HoT) Characters PvP rank PvP stats PvP profession stats PvP seasons PvP games Each element can be hidden via privacy settings so you can choose which elements you want to display (except account name). A selection of elements are also displayed in your profile tab next to posts. To get started, click on your name on top right corner > Account Settings > GW2 Integration. There you'll find a link where you can create an API key with recommended permissions. Please note that achievement points is currently not accurate, because there is no access point for total amount of achievement points released in GW2 API yet. Since this is initial release, expect that things may get changed without notice. Any bugs, suggestions and feedback can be posted here (if there isn't a thread then feel free to start one). * Server and guild tag profile fields have been removed as they are now displayable via API key * Commander automatic inactivity timeout has been increased to 3 weeks (up from 10 days) * The PM (Personal Message) limit is now unlimited for all groups * The PM recipient limit has been increased to 10 for Members, Donator and Lifetime Donator groups (up from 5)
  13. This is GW2Community, but I'm sure some of our commanders would be willing to help out.
  14. Can't be many parents...

    Kid's got ambition. You've trained him well.
  15. The only one paying attention perhaps If there are similar elements, I doubt @Aibaa copied them on purpose though.