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  1. [Selling] Silverwaste Shovels 30s each

    Hm, I think you miss "R" in your account name ...
  2. [BUYING] Silverwastes Shovels

    Closed. Thanks.
  3. [BUYING] Silverwastes Shovels

    Still valid! P.S. 1) any amount is good - if you can sell 1 or 25, let me know 2) if you are not sure whether or where do you have SW shovels -> can use, for example, gw2efficiency.com and after adding your API key it'll allow to search your account for any items
  4. [BUYING] Silverwastes Shovels

    Hello. I need some Silverwastes Shovels for my Lost Precipice guild hall ... Price: negotiated Contact me in-game: koffein.9374