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  1. Hey guys! Here's the new event poll for the next two weeks starting from 29.8. Thanks for the people voting on the last poll, it really helps us get an idea of what you guys want to do vs. what we schedule every week. So keep voting and see you around on our events! Regards, Orchi
  2. Orchi

    Expansion of GW2C

    @Izithel That's nice In case you didn't see I put a lot more stuff into the gw1 spreadsheet ( https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1S-mQo84cmB0MGRhqvUnMkzMj7aMZyaSabTgn4riqWPk/edit#gid=32159584) including an announcements and LFG tab. If you want to do sth with people make sure to either use this tab or ask in the guild directly. This also means that it's advised to check the spreadsheet regularly!:)
  3. Orchi

    Expansion of GW2C

    Ok so we had our GW1 meetup and everyone who's interested can put themselves into the dedicated spreadsheet I made: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1S-mQo84cmB0MGRhqvUnMkzMj7aMZyaSabTgn4riqWPk/edit#gid=0 . I will make groups for people to play together through the campaigns based on when they have time and will put it into the spreadsheet aswell, so make sure to write down your information in it! Regards, Orchi
  4. Orchi

    Expansion of GW2C

    @Darksome Actually yes! We plan to first play through the different campaigns to get everyone who's interested on the same level. I created an event for it here: http://gw2community.com/calendar/event/745-gw1-meetup/. So if you're interested feel free to join!
  5. Orchi

    GW1 Meetup

    Hey guys! As announced a while ago we will be expanding into GW1 and we decided to play through the different campaigns first to get all people who are interested in participating in GW1 events in the future on the same level. We will meet up on sunday on TS and talk through general things, sort out who's interested in what I just mentioned and then set up teams who then can set up individual dates to play through the campaigns together. Interested? Just join the TS on sunday!
  6. Orchi

    Event Poll 15.8. - 28.8.

    @Darksome We'll organize TT no matter what this poll is really only about other events we're organizing on a daily basis.
  7. Hey guys! Starting this week we will create a poll about events you're interested in and want to have organized every 2 weeks. Make sure to tick everything you'd like to attend so we can schedule and do those events. Thanks for voting! Regards, Orchi
  8. Orchi

    Expansion of GW2C

    @darthbaz Yes there are still alliances and I wouldn't mind taking in other guilds as alliances if people don't want to leave their guilds. @perky That's one of my fears aswell for people just starting the game so we might even postpone the events for a few weeks more and just start playing campaigns together for people who are interested in it! We're a bit behind schedule with everything since the people volunteering for it didn't yet have time, so stay tuned for stuff happening soon™. Most likely in the course of next week. Also since there were no other ideas for guild names I just went ahead and created the guild already, so if you want to join already feel free to message me either on the forums or on ts! Regards, Orchi
  9. Orchi

    Expansion of GW2C

    You can play GW1 with only one expansion, however I recommend getting all 3 expansions + the add-on (you get them pretty cheap nowadays, I think a bit over 20€ for everything) since each expansion adds more skills and a whole new continent. You'll need different expansions for different areas of the game: UW / FoW - independent Deep / Urgoz's Warren - Factions DoA - Nightfall Challenge Missions - depending on which one's we'll do either Factions, Nightfall or EotN EotN Dungeons - EotN obviously Quick remark: You can't get EotN independently. So you'll always need at least one of the 3 standalones to get it working. Hope that helped!
  10. Heya fellow community members! Since the latest feature patch of GW2 fell a bit short in terms of content, the volunteer team thought about ways to bring you guys closer together in times of content droughts. While discussing possible fixes to this we decided to expand into a certain other game made by ArenaNet with almost the same name. Yep, we’ll be starting up a new GW2C GW1 guild with the purpose of doing its content together with the community as well as giving people who enjoy playing GW1 for its nostalgia, who have never played it, or those that still need something for their Halls of Monuments or Gods a platform to find other people that are still in need of or enjoy doing the same things! So what have we planned exactly? We’ll open up an all-new shiny guild for everyone willing to join. Of course if you still have an old guild in GW1 that you don’t want to leave, you can always try your luck on TS. We will create a new section of channels specially for GW1 over the course of the next days, in which you can meet with people to play or talk about the game and find people that are in search of people to play with as well. In context with the guild we actually want to have your opinion on a guild name. Our take would be the a bit boring but easily recognizable Gwt Community [GWTC], but there are obviously more creative guild names out there. So if you have any ideas for guild names that you feel fit the community and the naming rules of GW1 (http://i.imgur.com/egyb58i.jpg) feel free to post them here and I will add the options to the poll attached to this thread (I'll obviously check if your guild name is still available, if not we can't put it up for voting). Furthermore we’ll try to fit as many GW1 events into our schedule as possible. Those events include The Deep, Urgoz’s Warren, DoA, UW, FoW, EotN Dungeons, Challenge Missions, etc. Since it’s been a while since we all played GW1 we will need a little while to relearn those things however, so don’t expect high quality event leading from week 1 That said, if you want to participate in those events and think you’d enjoy leading them, feel free to message me on the forums or on TS and we can talk it through! We hope you like the idea of playing GW1 together with the community and that there will be at least a few people taking up on the offer to play this awesome game again. Stay tuned for more updates regarding this topic! Regards, Orchi
  11. Orchi

    Cards against Humanity

    Come and join the fun on GW2C TeamSpeak after-hours for some Cards Against Humanity. Being a GW community of course there is a GW theme to it! Everyone is welcome, as long as you are not easily offended!
  12. until
    This event is a part of the summer community weekend! A classic music quiz and the last chance to participate in the treasure hunter.
  13. Orchi


    This event is a part of the summer community weekend! Race against other people, win prizes. Easy as that!
  14. Orchi


    This event is a part of the summer community weekend! Hang out on TS, puzzle over several riddles and have a lot of fun