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  1. Sir Bornislax

    Best Amber Wurm Team

    O my god I saw this just now haha, yes it was amazing fun ! Notice the mass /facepalm
  2. Sir Bornislax

    Community Minecraft Server Whitelist

  3. Apparently flying there and staying there for 6 days is cheaper for me than staying 3 days, so I'm just going to stay there all week (arriving 8th in the afternoon and leaving the 14th in afternoon) EDIT: Tickets are bought so expect me >:D
  4. Shoutout to everyone leading and attending, it wouldn't have been possible without you (not really but ok let's pretend). All jokes aside it was fun ;D
  5. Such insanely hard content that was, no as you can clearly see I have usurped the Shatterer's throne now.
  6. Sir Bornislax

    EVE-BEEP Silverwastes Shovel run

    Thanks Puffy for making this post I'd like to stress once more that everyone is invited to join, no matter what guild you are in!
  7. Sir Bornislax


    Are we free to join/organise matches?