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    Mistforged Heroes

    Mistforged Heroes are a casual guild focused on having friendly and helpful members who likes to play much if not all content Guild Wars 2 has to offer. That means that we play World vs World WvW (World vs World), PvP (Player vs Player) and PvE (Player vs Environment) all together known as PvX. While representing the guild is optional we like to see you representing this guild as your main guild. That means it is OK to represent another guild while playing with them. The name Mistforged Heroes comes from The Mists and the guild was created on 28th of April 2015. Today we have around 275+ members and we kick people that have been offline for over 2 months however they are always welcome back. Our Home server is Far Shiverpeaks but anyone is welcome to join, the home server is only used for WvW. What we are currently offering: Dungeons and Fractals both casually and hardcore. Dedicated guild Raid teams every week so you never have to run with randoms ever again. World boss events with the community. World vs World both roaming and in pug groups with our own commanders. PvP Tournaments and Guild Teams in the Mists PvP. The guild hall Gilded Hollow with upgrades. Map Exploration and Events with the guild. PvE Guild Missions every Sunday with guild members. ... and much more so make sure to follow us on Facebook.com/gw2hero for more news every week!