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  1. Alaia Skyhawk

    OG Roll Call

    lol Bnok (picks up torch and pitchfork) this 'Pleb' is your Guildleader :P
  2. Hi guys, here's an update for the Riddles. Due to IRL getting in the way, they're being rescheduled for 15:00 to 15:30 on Saturday 2nd. So come along and test your brains with a mixture of GW2 and non-GW2 riddles!
  3. The server was vanilla. I was the only main player on there, and built all of the auto farms. (had farms for just about everything except endermen, as while I'd located all the strongholds, I didn't go kill the dragon because wanted to do it as a group with others). I stopped going on there when it became basically me playing singleplayer on a server. So if another server were to be setup, with a regular crowd of others, I'd be game to put some time in on there
  4. Hi guys and gals, I'd like to introduce you to our new and shiny first issue of the community webmag, C. In future issues we plan to cover other games played within the community, but now now we've settled for some GW2 goodness to get things going. You can get the mag here! http://cerberox.com/Mag/Webmag_1.pdf And from all the News Team members, I can say we hope you enjoy it
  5. GW2Community News Team is Recruiting! Are you the kind of person who loves trawling the forums, Reddit, and social media for those hidden gems of information on upcoming patches, features, and the latest hot-topic debates? Are you the kind of person who'd enjoy being one of our in-house reporters for all those juicy details? Are you someone who would like to play a more active role in the heart of the community? Then the new GW2Community News Team could be the place for you! Our community is looking to recruit interested and enthusiastic people to take part in keeping GW2C up-to date with the latest in Guild Wars 2 news, as well as helping to promote the community across the fandom. If you're interested in the role, please message me via the forums with a description of your skills and the areas you're great at digging through for those aforementioned juicy details! I look forward to hearing from you! Alaia Skyhawk
  6. Alaia Skyhawk

    Lets travel a bit!

    Here's the area I grew up and live in. The city is Durham, and I can see the top of the Cathedral in the distance from our upstairs back window. It's 15 min in drive away
  7. Alaia Skyhawk

    GW2Community Art Contest!

    Here's my contribution
  8. Alaia Skyhawk

    Secret Santa

    Count me in too!
  9. Um, question... Has the server been reset? ; I went on for a look, and spawned in the middle of a snow biome with no signs of any buildings anywhere close by.