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  1. Hi.

    Welcome to the community! Are you leading the HoH guild yourself?
  2. Hello there!

    Welcome Bobins! In case you need any explainations about the game, message me through the game or here. Enjoy your stay
  3. <insert a warming 'hello'>

    There are quite few polish at GW2C though! \o/
  4. <insert a warming 'hello'>

    Thanks for welcoming me everyone! By the way Lysi, my first though when seeing someone calling me Hairless was like "omg, I barely play that char and people already know my nicks?" Then I took a look at the person who posted that and it was all clear
  5. <insert a warming 'hello'>

    Not really a navy now but a mechanized infantry Thanks for the welcome guys!
  6. I greet you like the sun greets the morning! My name is Jakub, english Jacob. My sweet country is located in the central Europe and you know it as Poland. I'm 22 military man. I was taught to be navy hydroacoustic but I ended with the mechanized battalion. The story behind GW2 is simple. When the game were in betas, my friend recieved the key. I used to play at his account and then we both bought the game when it was out. My account to this day is 1264 days old. Since I had long breaks it's only 2350 hours. The first character I made was a warrior named Faceless God. The second was Relentless God and from that time I used to call all of my alts -less God or Goddess. The one I'm playing most is my ranger - the second mentioned before. I got a feeling like I already finished the game (if that's somehow possible) so the thing I like to do the most is to help people out. Also, without a challenge there's no fun, so the things that I really appreciate are jumping puzzles. If you'd need help with them or anything else, it's best to talk to me at Steam (yoshiho) because I'm always logged in when online. This is the point where I have no idea what else I can say about me so I'll just copy-pasta a man that posted before me and I'll share a photo or something, uh. See you in the game! o7 'Relentless God staring at the Mists battleground' 'A wild Caterpie appeared'