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  1. Mouse

    Dr Who

    I actually haven't watched any of the new series yet, I should really binge it all soon
  2. Mouse

    Auction Item 11: Tyr

    [shawnyckz.2479], [40g]
  3. Mouse

    Auction Item 6: Mark

    [shawnyckz.2479], [20g]
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    Auction Item 11: Tyr

    [shawnyckz.2479], [30g]
  5. Mouse

    Auction Item 11: Tyr

    [shawnyckz.2479], [20g]
  6. Greetings Tyrians! Here at GW2Community we are kicking off the Wintersday celebrations early with a new Community Raffle. Get a ticket and give yourself a chance to win in-game money, along with some other special prizes! The raffle will run from 03.12.2016 - 07.01.2017 1 ticket costs 2g. 1g goes for prize pot, 1g goes into Community Events prizes. Each person can buy up to 20 tickets. You can buy tickets by sending the gold to to Tyr in game [The Tyressinator.1267] In the mail add your account name and forum name (if you have this). This month's raffle will have several winners - seven, to be precise! First place winner will receive a Greatsaw Greatsword Skin, worth ~850g as of the time of writing. Second place will be awarded with the Prizepot, as usual - in our September raffle this ended up totalling over 900g. Lastly out of all the remaining participants, five lucky people will also receive 40g each, drawn from the commander team's personal funds as our way as saying thank you to everyone who takes part and helps out! Thank you everyone and good luck! Regards, the GW2Community Team.
  7. We found a date! It's official! A date has been set for the first ever gw2community PvP tournament. It will be held on Sunday 27.11.16 at 14:30 CET THE WHOLE TOURNAMENT WILL BE COMMENTATED BY CYPHER! So if you would like to spectate, please join the channel on TeamSpeak. The matches will also be streamed so you can of course see whats going on We will play in 2 Groups and then the final matches: Group 1 starting 14.30 CET 1. Team A vs. Team B 2. Team A vs. Team C 3. Team B vs. Team C Group 2 starting 15.15 CET 1. Team D vs. Team E 2. Team D vs. Commander Team 3. Team E vs. Commander Team Final Matches starting 16.00 CET 1. 3rd places Group 1&2 2. 2nd places Group 1&2 3. 1st places Group 1&2 To all players please make sure you´re in the channel 10min BEFORE the starting time of your group! We hope to see you all there and have lots of FUN The GW2C Team
  8. Firstly thanks for enlisting, and here you can find the Team lists, so find yourself and contact the other players in your team to practice. For everyone who only wants to watch another post will be made soon with the time and place where u can watch. Teams: Team A ultrix.2670 ubifca.3402 Marxx.5021 Mary Jane.3579 Daget.1097 Team B Phenom.8507 Amora.5397 Birman.1705 baylock.1703 alex.9137 Team C Demawend.2036 Avanni.6392 Matthias.6273 Astropope.3918 UrsV.7146 Team D Diwweltjie.2940 FANG.7324 kondor.2904 Nakalon.4012 Sozuro.9630 Team E Rajmund.5294 HEIS.1203 Runya.3796 Stixx.5249 AlekSanter.7208 Commander Team Esuya Lacsap Space Cowboy Hynth Vannesa/Pony ***If you have any more questions please contact RosieSmile.4670. ***
  9. Donation page! https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Stopthestigmah4h
  10. Reddit post for the event is Here. Guild wars 2 forum post can be found Here.
  11. Greetings Tyrians, On the weekend of the 11th - 13th November, we here at GW2Community are giving a little back. That's right, we're hosting the first of our own charity events - The Gameathon! This will be a 24 hour event during which we will be raising funds for not one, but two charities. The event will be streamed live on Twitch and there will be people on TS throughout. During this event we aim to raise not just funds, but also awareness of mental illness and the stigma around it. PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder) is developed after a traumatic event, around 8% of the population will suffer from it at some point of their life. Due to the often violent nature of their work, the illness it is much more prominent within the armed forces. At present around 1 in 3 returning troops are diagnosed with severe PTSD, yet only 40% will seek help. In 2008 suicide related deaths began to outnumber combat related deaths. Because of this we have chosen two charities to raise money for, these are: Help for Heroes - http://www.helpforheroes.org.uk/ A charity dedicated to helping members of the Armed Forces, both active and retired, to rebuild their lives supporting them through injuries and illness. The PTSD Foundation of America - http://ptsdusa.org/ A charity dedicated to combating PTSD, raising awareness, and giving back to veterans. Both of these charities have a similar cause and both are fighting to remove the stigma around mental illness which prevents so many for getting the help they require. We aim to assist in their mission this November and we ask you to join us! During the event we will be giving away a Black Lion Skin every hour! That's right you'll have 24 chances to win a new skin. But that's not all, we have some more in store for you. There will also be random giveaways of gold & materials at random points throughout the stream and at the very end of the stream anyone who has donated £10(UK Charity)/$10(US Charity) or more will be entered into a raffle to win the Bifrost. That's right, we're giving away a legendary weapon to one lucky donator. Make sure to save the date! The full event will start Saturday 12th November at 13:00 CET and will run until Sunday 13th November at 13:00 CET. Join us on TeamSpeak if you want to participate and make sure to watch the stream on the day here! On the day pages for donations will be posted, make sure to watch out for them! If anyone wishes to donate prizes or materials towards the making of the Bifrost please send anything directly to Tyr (The Tyressinator.1267) in-game, anything is appreciated. -The GW2C Team
  12. Mouse


    Since I haven't seen any posts about it yet who else is playing overwatch and what characters are you mainly playing? As for me I'll be playing more next week once I'm home but mainly playing D'Va, Mercy, Lucio, and Tracer. I also try Widow and Hanzo, emphasis on try xD
  13. Mouse

    Can't be many parents...

    Baz your kid stories are the best xD
  14. Mouse

    GW2Community Raffle!

    @darthbaz surely you want to donate it all to your guild leader
  15. Mouse

    Taxi for Triple wurm problems...

    Hey there, If you look at your first screenshot you'll notice there was a /squadjoin in it, this means that during explanations the commanders decided to run with a tagless squadjoin to get players into the map. In this case you have to join that squad & then taxi on the player in the second subsquad to get into the map and individual player taxis don't appear. In the previous one a squadjoin was not used and thus player taxi's were given in chat. /squadjoin allows more players to join into the squad at once and therefore only one needs to be offered rather than a large amount of party joins. Hope this clears it up!