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  1. GW2 Community for ALS

    Woah, woah, woah! Calm down peeps, no need to get worked up about it. I devised this event in the wake of the increasing popularity of the ALS ice bucket challenge. So yes, it was short noticed. @Yayel: you don't have to guilt trip people into giving, that's the complete opposite to what I want to achieve. If the individuals feel like using their hard earned money on other charities or for personal use it's fine. I'd rather take 1$ from a person willing to put aside funds to help others than 100$ from a person who felt peer pressure into giving. Every cent counts so nothing is too much or too little. So please reconsider your words and if you truly feel that way I'm sorry you do but lashing out is not the correct course of action.
  2. GW2 Community for ALS

    1 more week to go. We got 70 euros so far.
  3. GW2 Community for ALS

    Thanks. I hope so too. I knew about it for some time as I have medical field training but, oh man, this one is a doozy. Being trapped inside your own buddy must be hell on earth ... And sadly, because of how the world works (aka markets, profit), the research into this affliction is very low because Big Pharma can't really capitalise on this.
  4. The GW2 community is no stranger to different type of sclerosis and how damaging they are to the patient and his or her family and friends. For a couple of weeks now the internet was taken by storm with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and I think it’s time for us that were thinking of donating to mobilize. To further incentivize people to participate we will have a few milestones: 0 – 1000 euros: Party in-game with fun activities, exotic, gold ascended materials giveaways 1001 - 3000 euros: The party + one lucky winner will get a precursor of their choosing Over 3000 euros: The party + the precursor + another lucky winner will get the legendary of their choosing (exception: Eternity) In order to keep track of the users that have donated in case we need to draw names for the precursor and legendary you will have to use the Donations Module I've setup on the RoF Community main page (top right side). You don’t have to join the website but you will have to register an enjin account. If you wish to help with funding the party, send fan art, drawings, poetry, offer to livestream it or anything else you can think of do not hesitate to whisper or mail me in-game at HiddenRage.7408 The deadline is Sunday 7th of September 2014 at 15:00 UK time (GMT+1). Let’s make this happen people!
  5. Account: HiddenRage.7408 Event: Dungeon Speedruns
  6. I can stand up to my own mistakes just fine. That's a (painful) way to learn. So give me your best shot Thanks for the statistics. I was actually waiting for someone to do this
  7. I'm glad you guys had fun in game and on stream. This motivates us to do it again at some point. From an organiser stand point I know we could of done better but due to time constraints, various technical issues, lack of communication and so on it turned out how it did. Not saying it was bad; we did put a lot of effort to make it as fair and enjoyable for everyone as we could and I think we did a fairly good job. Now for the rune/sigils/amulets matter: Not only in the finals but even during the group stages I saw (indirectly) that many forgot to remove those but luckily the only ones "hurt" by this were the poor asura that volunteered as balls. Looking over the videos now I'm saddened to see that I was way too liberal with the term "cheaters", mostly towards RoFs. I do apologise for that and for the "They won but with an asterisk next to their names". We merely meant that we had to asses the situation with a clear head and with plenty of time to reach a just conclusion. Well, we did just that and turns out the runes spotted on stream are just the default ones, pointing to just forgetfulness and not intent on gaining any advantage. And lets be honest for a minute, RoFs were very well coordinated and they won fairly without any doubt so please excuse us for blowing it out of proportions on stream. It's not easy to keep a level head after so many hours of concentration but we at least didn't make any rash decisions that we would of regretted later. All in all it was an experiment, a successful one at that and I can assure you that next one(s) will be better from an organising stand point and hopefully from a fighting one too. I would like to thank Cappy (from Cappy, the ladies and the Steves) for his generous donations, all the teams that participated with fair play and waited for hours just to get in and lastly, but certainly not the least, the ball volunteers. Hope to see you next time! -Diana
  8. Thank you all for coming! Was amazing fun and i hope you share my feelings. The last 6 matches between RoFs, CD, CSS and Cappy's will be tomorrow 29th of June starting at 3 PM UK time.
  9. We could meet in a nice place in Divinity's Reach while we wait to go in. Once a match is prepared i will be whispering team members the sPvP room name and password.
  10. Aaaaand the registrations are now closed! We have our 8 teams (the minimum) and from random.org we also have our 2 groups: Each team will play once vs the other teams in their group, totalling 12 matches, The matches will start tomorrow, 28th of June at 1:00 PM UK time. (GMT+1/UTC+1/BST). The top 2 teams of each group will advance to the finals that are on 29th of June (time To Be Determined, should still be 1 PM UK time). The prizes are as following: 1st place team: 1000 gold 2nd place team: 250 gold 3rd place team: 100 gold Teams, please be at least 15 minutes ahead of the start for any additional questions you might have. Teamspeak channels will be provided if you so desire. In case a team fails to show up on time or is unable to provide the 5 members the wins will go to the opponents they would have faced. I would also like to remind everyone that they could watch all the games on the live stream: http://www.twitch.tv/zipptinker That's all for now, hope to see you tomorrow for the kickoff.
  11. Update: So we agreed on a time frame. it will start Saturday at 1PM UK time. Each match will be no more than 15 minutes with an extra 5 minute buffer. We will be splitting the teams into 2 groups (or 3 depending on the number) that will eliminate two teams. Here's an example with 8 teams: ' alt='' class='ipsImage' > On Sunday we will be pitting the best 2 teams from each group against each other to determine the overall winner. Final details will be disclose tomorrow, 27th of June.
  12. Please do. After it's over we can provide you with insight.
  13. @fireseed: How did you managed to raise a 1000g prize pool? The community chipped in together to make the prize fund its 1000g for 1st place, 250g for 2nd place and 100g for 3rd place (We are a very tight knit community). It looks like you went to your own server community first, how many teams signed up from there before you opened it up to everyone? How long was your internal server sign up window? It's only natural that we turned to our community first. If you read the announcement thread you'll see how much exclusive time they had to register. I see you added an extra 2 week window for other eu servers. I realize you only have 3 days left for sign up so this might be slightly premature if people do this at last minute, but did you get a good response from doing so? (aka did you make your minimum 8 teams after) Again, the time windows are clearly stated in the 1st post. The thread was started on the 13th of this month and I did go to the major hubs ingame (LA, Rata Sum, Divinity's Reach) and announced this way multiple times a day for nearly 10 days now. So the limited time it's open for all europe is no excuse to not be able to form a team. For now we have about 7 confirmed teams and 3 missing a few people (so not yet announced). Does the all bark no bite mean you didn't get a single signup from this particular community? Where was the most successful location to find teams to participate? To be honest I was hoping (by the response I got from people on TS, on the forums, ingame) way more teams would of come forth by now. Did you contact/work with Arenanet to get support for your event? If so, how responsive were they? We got a tweet about it but for now that's about it. Maybe we'll get more in time. How was the signup process handled? I tried to go to your site to check it out, but got error messages even after registering an account there. Has this been a longstanding problem? I keep referring you to the 1st post where it's, hopefully, clear on how to signup. The RoF site belongs to a closed community, that's why you have to come here and register. We have no plans yet to open up a part of the forum to non-rof players. Do you run a single private arena for the event, or multiple ones? We have one, but if the need arises we could make others. I probably could keep going with questions but will stop with this one: Are there any other relevant details/useful tips of this sort of event planning you'd be willing to share? If you truly want something to work out you need to be perseverant. @monro: ​We'll discuss the possibility for 1 voluntary swap at half-time.