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  1. Alright guys! We are ready to announce the schedule with all the events for the community weekend!! Make sure to join us for all those events because we´re gonna have loads of fun! Of course there´s also lots of prices to win! For example: A total makeover kit, an endless mystery Quaggan tonic, and of course lots of shiny Gold
  2. *Moos in your general direction*

    Welcome to the Community I am impressed on how long you have been playing GW, there is seldomly one person who did that and didnt have a 3 years break inbetween or so. Yet for guilds, I personally am in a guild as well of course though I like focusing more on the community in gerneral since its much bigger than a guild. You will always find someone to play with or just hang out with and those people are completly different, so if one starts to annoy you, you can just join a diffrent group for a while For me the most important thing is that people shouldnt be so shy about speaking to other people or just saying hello, though you dont seem to have issues with that ;P So if you feel like having a talk, there are quite some channels on TS, eg the public social area which are just made for hanging around and having a nice chat I´m looking forward to seeing you around
  3. Hi everyone :)

    Hello and welcome of course also dont be afraid to join other players we have lots of diffrent guilds as well as social channels which are there to be social I hope you will also enjoy our events in the future Hope to see you around Rosie
  4. Guys make sure to enlist soon! Last day for enlisting is Sun 4.6.!!
  5. Uh.. hi guys

    Well Hello and welcome to GW2 as well as to the Community I believe you have found the TS already, so if you´re looking for friends and people to play with just go and say hello to ppl there Also if you need help with something of course Hope to see you on around and maybe even on events soon
  6. Thank you also for this feedback from my side. As Hynth already said this was the first time we did this so we will improve it of course if we do it another time and your feedback helps a lot with that. Just one thing: The money earned by this event goes fully into our prize fund which is to be used for prizes at community events/weekends. So it is not staying in the same circles but is actually put to a use for the members of our community (not being commanders).
  7. Auction Item 1: Cypher

    [RosieSmile.4670], [150g]
  8. Valentinesday Commander Auction <3

    UPDATE: The auction will be open until 28th of February 23:59 CET. Any bids after this time will not be accepted anymore. We hope you have fun bidding
  9. "Are you tired of those lonely nights, alone by the fireplace, when your bear-rug desperately needs a second person. As you longingly stare into the flames do you ever just wonder, what do I need to fill this hole in my heart? Is that hole doritos-shaped? Because if it is, you are in luck!" The commander-bachelor auction is in town, and we’re here to fix all those broken hearts. Ever dreamed about losing yourself in the eyes of those powerful all-knowing commanders? Well here’s your chance! ~~~~~~~~~~ The Rules: Below there’s a list of participating commanders, they’re all longing for a good date, but who will go with them? You can click on any commander and post your bid as a comment, starting bids are 10 gold, and the minimum bid is 2 gold. The bids in the separate threads are updated as often as possible. All collected gold will be going towards the prize pot of the GW2Community, to be used in events such as the community weekend. Bidding will start at February 14th and last till February 28th, at which point the auctions will close, and the highest bidder will be contacted. ~~~~~~~~~~ So I’ve won a date with my favourite commander, what happens now? You’ll get the date you’ve always wanted, the commander in question will contact you, and once you’ve paid, you can set up a date when you’re both available. You get to pick the date location. Do you want a romantic cobalt run, a beautiful moonlit Auric Basin west command? You pick which event your date will be commanding, and every one of our events goes. During this event your date will of course be commanding, but he or she will also pay special attention to you, you are on a date after all. So do you have questions for your date? They will answer. Do you want them to do something specific? They will try to please you, as well as any proper date would do. (Obviously the normal community rules still apply, and succeeding the event is still the primary objective). ~~~~~~~~~~ The participating commanders and their auction threads are below, check them out for some information on who you’re bidding for and how high up the bid currently is. Auction Item 1: Cypher Deadwisper Auction Item 2: Magic Matthias Auction Item 3: RosieSmile Auction Item 4: Pony Auction Item 5: Zyll Auction Item 6: Mark Auction Item 7: Esuya Auction Item 8: Mystrious Poetjuh Auction Item 9: Hynth Auction Item 10: Bram Auction Item 11: Tyr Auction Item 12: Mouse Auction Item 13: Lacsap Auction Item 14: Tany Auction Item 15: Londaer Duskstride Auction Item 16: Butter Auction Item 17: Davin More Auctions coming up! The current highest bid is up for: Mouse With the incredible amount of 300g
  10. Wintersday Extravaganza!

    Unfortunatley I have to announce that there will not be a Quiz, but we will have a Costume Contest instead I hope you guys are excited to take part in it