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  1. Nora

    Have a laugh

    I love how the bear's face doesnt change at all in those 2 pictures
  2. Nora

    Auction item 10: Zyll

    MajorNougat.8721, 13g
  3. Nora

    I Have No Idea What I'm Doing

    I'd suggest you to start by lvling a character of your choice to lvl 80. Later you will get tomes to boost your char, but for now just stick to map exploration and do the story. Once you're lvl 80 the real game begins. From there on you can do whatever you want, just take your time exploring everything ^^ Two things you might want to keep in mind are Hero Points for your char's skills & specialisation, and mastery points - reward from certain achievements - for unlocking useful masteries. Once you got a feeling for the game, you could think of buying expansions and living world seasons (there is one currently ongoing but you need PoF xpac to be able to play). Their content is great, but it would be a lot of wasted money if you bought the xpacs and realise you dont want to play the game any further. Just check out everything there is available for you in the game, and try to find a few friends or a guild you can ask if you feel lost
  4. Nora

    Auction item 5: Arndawan

    MajorNougat.8721, 20g
  5. Nora

    Auction item 5: Arndawan

    MajorNougat.8721, 15g
  6. Nora

    Group Selfie on Cobalt

    "Gotta catch em 'all!" - Alko
  7. Nora

    What's your favourite TV show?

    @Heaven Karma nope, never heard of those two series, but i might give it a shot if I ever reach the end of my huge "to watch"-list
  8. Nora

    What's your favourite TV show?

    My "serious" all time favourite is The 4400. Sadly this series doesn't have an ending and is already a few years old, so it might not be everyone's cup of tea ^^. The genre is sci-fi with a pretty unique plot and interesting character developement. If you give it a shot, keep in mind that the series will never conclude. My comedy all time favourite is Parks & Recreations. I'm afraid I'm lacking words for discribing this hilarious master piece. The humor is priceless and the characters are absolutely amazing and unique. If you're up for some braindead laughter you should definitely check it out, if you can find it somewhere on the internet ^^ Right now I'm watching the new Blacklist season (halfway through, no spoilers plox). Before that: Sneaky Pete (amazing acting and exciting plot, can't wait for the next season) and Taboo (Tom Hardy as the bad boy? Good boy? Definitely outlaw - with some mystic touch). After Blacklist i will most likely move back to Sherlock (no explanation needed ).
  9. Nora

    MS Toga Party 2017

    Am I allowed to bring a partner to the costume contest? :3
  10. Nora

    The Easter Raffle!

    Congratz to all the lucky winners \o/
  11. Damn this Sun Tzu guy was so awesome in Jackie Chan - High Noon, the metal band Sabaton even wrote a whole song about this dude!
  12. Nora


    Has anyone already tried out the new game mode? I'm wondering if i'm just bad, or if it's really that hard on higher difficulties
  13. Nora


    *reacting to the shameless bump* Zenyatta (main) is here. Other than that, I play pretty much every support character, mei, tracer - but only on king of the hill maps -, Mccree if I feel like being useless because my aim is baaaaad, and Zarya/D.Va if a tank is needed. There are several other characters I'd like to learn, but I'm simply not playing enough OW to be good at the game :\
  14. Nora

    Auction Item 7: Esuya

    MajorNougat.8721, 36g
  15. Nora

    Auction Item 15: Londaer

    [MajorNougat.8721], [24g]