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    Esuya reacted to Nora in GW2Community PvP Tournament: Edition 2.0   
    Damn this Sun Tzu guy was so awesome in Jackie Chan - High Noon, the metal band Sabaton even wrote a whole song about this dude!
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    Esuya reacted to Davin Miler in Quaggan race + queensdale march 2017   
    Here are the pictures taken at the Quaggan race and queensdale march 2017.
    Enjoy :-)

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    Esuya reacted to Mark in GW2Community Weekend: "Make Spring Great Again!"   
    Coming up: the 17th till the 19th of March...
    We will make Spring GREAT again!
    During the
    Make Spring Great Again Weekend
    "The springs we have seen have failed our expectations for the last time! This year the GW2Community will be working with us to make the spring, our favourite season, the best season, GREAT again. No more springs stolen by the cold winters, no more springs taken from us by the cruel early summers, spring will be ours again, and it will be great! So remember, from this day forward, that the GW2Community will make sure spring will be first again! Spring first! Spring first!"
    What is the "Make Spring Great Again Weekend"?
    The "Make Spring Great Again Weekend" is one of the GW2Community's famed and great community weekends. However, starting this year, we are swapping some things around. For starters: the community events you all know and loved were packed with events, some highly popular, some less so. This year we are spreading those out, so there will be slightly less events in a weekend, but instead we will have more weekends! We also are starting to theme our weekends. So where you used to have funny teamspeak events, super competitive events and pvp-tournaments all in one weekend, we now focus on mainly one type. This weekend will therefor be all about: FUN!.
    What this means for you right now: a weekend full, but not overfilled with funny, enjoyable and casual events, both in-game and on Teamspeak.
    What this means for you in the long run: more weekends, all with a special theme to it and loads of prizes and fun to be had.

    What events will be happening?

    Some of our favourite events are there, such as:

    Mexican Fiesta Temple run - The temple run we all know and love, with a little fiesta sauce on top.
    Fun wurms - Triple Trouble, enriched with a theme. What theme this will be? Show up and see for yourself!
    Couple Costume Contest - Spring is the season of love. So show the world how well you and your significant other look together.
    Beach Party - Spring means the beaches are nice and warm again, make sure you come and test the waters with us!
    March in Queensdale - Help us show our appreciation to spring with this march through the beautiful meadows of Queensdale.
    Language Challenge - Are you the next translator of the language wurm? Are ou good at every language you see? Prove it here!
    Cards Against Humanity - Are you a funny guy? Make sure to join this event for some great fun! (18+)
    ”Box of Fun” Fun - Boxes of fun are fun. If you don’t believe it, then let us show you!
    Singing Dragon’s Stand - Dragon’s Stand is always difficult to command, imagine what it’s like when you have to sing your commands! Join us and watch these commanders in agony!
    Quaggan Race - A race is pretty cool, a quaggan is pretty cute, but together they will combine into an event that will certainly be talked about for months to come!  
    So join us! In Making Spring Great Again!
    For any questions regarding this weekend, please contact Magic on the forums or Magic.1940 in-game.
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    Esuya reacted to RosieSmile in Valentinesday Commander Auction <3   
    "Are you tired of those lonely nights, alone by the fireplace, when your bear-rug desperately needs a second person. As you longingly stare into the flames do you ever just wonder, what do I need to fill this hole in my heart? Is that hole doritos-shaped? Because if it is, you are in luck!"

    The commander-bachelor auction is in town, and we’re here to fix all those broken hearts.
    Ever dreamed about losing yourself in the eyes of those powerful all-knowing commanders? Well here’s your chance!

    The Rules:
    Below there’s a list of participating commanders, they’re all longing for a good date, but who will go with them? You can click on any commander and post your bid as a comment, starting bids are 10 gold, and the minimum bid is 2 gold. The bids in the separate threads are updated as often as possible. All collected gold will be going towards the prize pot of the GW2Community, to be used in events such as the community weekend. Bidding will start at February 14th and last till February 28th, at which point the auctions will close, and the highest bidder will be contacted.
    So I’ve won a date with my favourite commander, what happens now?
    You’ll get the date you’ve always wanted, the commander in question will contact you, and once you’ve paid, you can set up a date when you’re both available.
    You get to pick the date location. Do you want a romantic cobalt run, a beautiful moonlit Auric Basin west command? You pick which event your date will be commanding, and every one of our events goes.
    During this event your date will of course be commanding, but he or she will also pay special attention to you, you are on a date after all. So do you have questions for your date? They will answer. Do you want them to do something specific? They will try to please you, as well as any proper date would do. (Obviously the normal community rules still apply, and succeeding the event is still the primary objective).

    The participating commanders and their auction threads are below, check them out for some information on who you’re bidding for and how high up the bid currently is.
    Auction Item 1: Cypher Deadwisper
    Auction Item 2: Magic Matthias
    Auction Item 3: RosieSmile
    Auction Item 4: Pony
    Auction Item 5: Zyll
    Auction Item 6: Mark
    Auction Item 7: Esuya
    Auction Item 8: Mystrious Poetjuh
    Auction Item 9: Hynth
    Auction Item 10: Bram
    Auction Item 11: Tyr
    Auction Item 12: Mouse
    Auction Item 13: Lacsap
    Auction Item 14: Tany
    Auction Item 15: Londaer Duskstride
    Auction Item 16: Butter
    Auction Item 17: Davin
    More Auctions coming up!
    The current highest bid is up for: Mouse With the incredible amount of 300g
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    Esuya reacted to Mark in Auction Item 7: Esuya   
    The wisest and greyest Commander of all!
    He never struggles on events or forgets vocabulary or ever gets confused!
    You can see his hair flowing in the wind when he rushes to defeat the next Elder Dragon!
    And when he gets one-hitted by a skritt again, the last thing to touch the ground is his glorious hair!
    When having reached the floor his beautiful eyes will stare at the screen in wonder,
    until he starts to giggle and never stops again^^
    I command everything. I mean wurm, TD, DS, and no auric basin please, no wait, Verdant Brink.
    The current bid for this commander is: 65 gold, and the bidder is Mark

    Auction rules:
    If you want to bid, place your bid in this format:
    [GW2 Account Name], [Bid]
    The minimum bid is 2 gold, so for example: the highest bid is 14 gold, then you can bid 16 gold or more, but you cannot bid less than 16 gold.
    See also the general post.