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  1. The new doctor is going to be revealed today after Wimbledon final. The 13th Doctor
  2. Yeah, do give it another try. Also please keep in mind facts like, when the episodes aired and the fact that the series didn't get a large budget for special effects etc. Enjoy \o/
  3. I remember that series. Oddly enough I watched it french, but that's a small detail. I agree that the series was pretty interesting and it was a true shame that it ended the way it did. Have you heard of The Leftovers or Wayward Pines, I have a feeling you may enjoy those. Ah, some Stephen King, very good choice Moo. But yeah, the acting was not really on point and the TV studio took the story in a different direction from the original. Well that's to be expected with any live action adaptions. If you want some more of King, then you could try Haven, or The Dark Tower (yup it is getting a TV series too from what I heard) when that comes out.
  4. What is your favourite TV show(s) of all time? What shows are you watching right now? Would you recommend them? Are they binge-worthy? As a connoisseur of TV shows of sorts I have watched plenty of series. I do have many series I enjoy watching, however the three that I have enjoyed the most are: Stargate SG1 - A sci-fi tv series spin off based on the movie of the same name. It has 10 seasons with 2 spin series of its own. I enjoyed every episode with a great cast including Richard Dean Anderson that delivered comedy and serious moments throughout the 10 years it ran. The story really opened my mind and to incredible possibilities that drove my interest in science. 24 - A ground breaking show that is a real must for any fan of action tv shows. The show basically followed Jack Bauer preventing terrorist attacks in 24 hours. A really enjoyable, tense and action packed series. It was a shame that it got cancelled but it got rebooted this year. Doctor Who - A favourite of mine since I began watching it since its reboot in 2005. These are my personal favourite, however out of them I would only recommend 24 to most people as not everyone is interested in Sci-fi. If you are, then I advise you to watch Blink from series 3 episode 10 of Doctor who. If you enjoyed that one episode, then watch Doctor who (2005) from series 1. TV shows I'm watching right now are: Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Dark Matter, Supernatural, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Ironfirst, Shield, Flash, Arrow, Killjoys, iZombie, Sense8, The 100, Stranger Things, The Blacklist.....and much more. Anyway enough of my rambling. What tv shows do you enjoy?
  5. Exactly my thoughts too. A good ending to Bill. Not sure what they will do about Missy. Nardole was great, I honestly thought he proved himself as a companion and someone capable of "kicking the Doctors arse if needed" in that last episode. Also, I think the reason we haven't heard any news on the new Doctor could be because we are getting our very first female Doctor. But we haven't heard anything on a companion either so who knows *taps nose*. Now the long wait begins for the Christmas Special.
  6. The Legends of Avalon invites you to join the guilds longest community running event, the Saturday fortnight Elite Specialization HP Run. 6pm GMT/ 7pm BST/ 8pm CEST We will have an advert on looking for group (lfg) from 7:45pm CEST. The Elite Spec HP Run consists of 25 Hero Points required to fully unlock the Elite Specialisation. Starting at Shipwreck Peak Waypoint [&BN4HAAA=] (First Waypoint in Verdant Brink) the run will do all the HPs in Verdant Brink, Auric Basin and 3 in Tangled Depths. Note that the run also does an extra 2 HPs for those that may have missed some. Only Shipwreck Peak Waypoint in Verdant Brink is required at the start of the run. We will unlock the others we need as the run progresses. This is a very simple and easy to remember run which requires very few masteries to do. Great for those still new to HoT. All you really require for the run is the basic gliding mastery. This event usually takes no more than 2 hours. However, this greatly depends on how quickly the group moves, help each other, and follow the commander’s orders. Dates 8/7, 22/7, 5/8, 19/8
  7. Yeah. When I first heard David Suchet was going to be in a Dr Who episode, I was like, "Poirot was going to talk about little grey cells with the Doctor" \o/ ._. Great actor.
  8. I really like Bill but Donna is still my favourite companion.
  9. MSI GeForce GTX 1070 GAMING X 8G Overkill really
  10. Oh, beloved gw2 brethren, do you hear the cries of Lady Guinevere? Have you heard the call to arms from Merlin? Join the The Legends of Avalon today and fight alongside courageous, mad, and ingenious individuals that will etch their existence in your minds forever! For Avalon! The Legends of Avalon [LoA] is a relaxed/casual PvE and PvP guild. With less than 100 members and the Gilded Hollow, we run a wide range of events from the weekly guild missions, PvP night, and HP runs. The only rules in this guild are: 1. Represent us when you want to 2. Be active and have fun 3. Maturity and respect for fellow members and other Guild Wars 2 players We are also in a 4 guild alliance, where we organise larger events including PvP tournaments hosted in our guild hall. At present these guilds are: Llamas in Pyjamas [Lip], The Lost Gamers [TLG], and Purple Haart [SDPH]. If you are interested in joining us, please mail Heaven Karma.5697 with the subject gw2community recruit in-game Scribing We offer temporary membership with required permissions for those that wish to train scribing. Training to be a Scribe to benefit your guild is an honourable thing to do. However, the path to becoming a high level scribe is a very tough, expensive and at times annoying process. This is especially difficult if your guild does not have the necessary guild upgrades available for you to efficiently level up. Speaking from firsthand experience, it can be troublesome to search for guilds with these upgrades unlocked, and that are willing to have you join their guild temporary in order for you to solely train the skill. Now that my own guild has many of these upgrades available, we would like to invite anyone interested in training scribing to join us as either a full member or guest. You will have the necessary permissions, including the ability to use the workshop assembly to help create whatever you see fit. The upgrades we currently have and that will benefit your training are: Minor Supply Drop; Guild Banquet; Sabotage Depot; Hardened Gates; Invincible (Invulnerable) Dolyaks; Guild Ballista Cart; Centaur Banner; Emergency Waypoint; Invulnerable Fortification. These upgrades are recommended by Dulfy and gw2craft.net. Please note, that we will not finance you in your endeavour and that all items you may create will be property of the guild and kept in storage. If you are interested in joining us to take advantage of these upgrades, please mail Heaven Karma.5697 with the subject title Merlin’s Apprentice in-game.