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  1. GW2C PvP Tournament IV - 22/4/18

    The teams have been formed. Participants should have received an ingame mail with details about the tournament and their teammates. Team A Marxx.5021 Kaotic.6584 Werner.8732 Griex.8136 Ukantor.7921 Team B TheYutoXD.6903 Rawknight.4728 Avanni.6392 taburon.1654 Mark.7589 Team C Kondor.2904 meowmeow.9125 Nappa.1904 The Tyressinator.1267 RosieSmile.4670 Comm Team 5 Sacrifices for the slaughter Please join us on TS (Address : GW2C) on 22nd April at 13:45 CEST
  2. Elite Spec HP Run - The Legends of Avalon [LoA]

    I have to apologise but the 14/4 run planned for today is cancelled. The next run will be 5/5.
  3. GW2C PvP Tournament IV - 22/4/18

    Sign up deadline has been extended to 15th April.
  4. Elite Spec HP Run - The Legends of Avalon [LoA]

    Next set of dates 31/3. 14/4, 5/5, 19/5 Pleases note the new start times. 4pm GMT/ 5pm BST/ 6pm CEST
  5. End of April, PvP Tournament IV! For every brave race that roams through Tyria, Heroes and villains alike. Come to see and witness the carnage! Or valiantly stride among your brothers and sisters And fight for glory with pride! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Amazing prizes to be won: 1st Prize: Every member gets the awesome Permanent Pact Fleet Finisher 2nd Prize: Every member gets a prize based on the pot, estimated 12G 3rd Prize: Every member gets a prize based on the pot, estimated 6G The 5 steps to glory: 1. Contact HKarma, Blue, Val before midnight on the 8th of April (Info below) 2. Tell them you want to join, either alone or with a buddy (only one buddy allowed) 3. Tell them your GW2 account name (with numbers) and TS name 4. Tell them how experienced you are (i.e. PvP level, league division) and pay the 2G entry fee (forms the prize pot) 5. You are now ready to compete against the other contestants on the 22nd of April! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact information: Heaven Karma.5697 <-- HKarma Avanni.6392 <-- Blue Soul Doomer.9702 <-- Val For enlisting or questions please contact one of these three
  6. Dr Who

    Not sure why they have to show all this beforehand but meh
  7. Auction item 7: Zene

    Heaven Karma.5697 5Gold
  8. Auction item 2: Davin

    Heaven Karma.5697 5Gold
  9. Heaven Karma.5697 5Gold
  10. What are you playing?

    Play most of the time Guild Wars 2 Overwatch Play less often Dragon Age: Inquisition Blade and Soul (Incredible story and cutscenes for a free to play) Play when I feel like it Final Fantasy 14 Black Desert Online Star Wars Battlefront Battlefield 1 Runescape
  11. Elite Spec HP Run - The Legends of Avalon [LoA]

    Next set of dates 20/1, 3/2 , 17/2, 3/3 , 17/3 6pm GMT/ 7pm CET/ 8pm EET
  12. Dr Who

    Chris Chibnall succeeds Steven Moffat as Lead Writer. Chibnall is a decent writer having done all series of Broadchurch in which our newest Doctor Jodie Whittaker has performed in. Despite that I do have my reservations on Chibnall, some of his previous work in Doctor Who (42, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, The Power of Three and several Torchwood episodes) have not exactly been memorable moments in the series. David Bradley as the first was spot on. He also played the first or I should say William Hartnell in An Adventure in Space and Time, I highly recommend this TV film for any Whovian. About 13ths 'predicament', I must say it felt alot like when 11th appeared. The Tardis was crashing down and exploding. Why ca'tn the Doctor land the Tardis then Regenerate? But anyway onto new stuff. 1. The Tardis interior and exterior (Spoiler) will look different 2. The Doctor will have 3 companions. 2 male and 1 female. (Spoiler) 3. 10 Episodes 50mins each 4. New logo
  13. Secret Santa

    Hello lovely people in the community. Christmas is around the corner and we decided to make a Secret Santa gift exchange within the community. What is Secret Santa? You also might know it as a Yankee Swap or a White Elephant. It's a Christmas tradition, where every participant gets assigned a random person to gift them a present. This person however won't know who the giver will be until he/she actually gets the present. How can I join? If you would like to participate, send an in-game mail to Avanni.6392 (TeamSpeak name: [LoA] Blue) with following content: Your account name Your TeamSpeak name Name of your main guild You can enter the gift exchange game until December 17th. After that we will make up pairs with help of a random number generator and tell you the name of the person you have to make a present. The presents should be up to max. 20 gold. You have time from December 20th to 26th to send your present to the predetermined person with an optional personal message. Of course it would be nicest for the recipients to get their presents actually on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day The most exciting part of this game is to find out more about the person you have to make a present. Let's spread love and Christmas spirit.
  14. Community Advent Calendar

    Hints 1/12 - Although you can see them, this commander is not in the Shiverpeaks 2/12 - No Hints 3/12 - No Hints 4/12 - Hidden where the river separates grassland and snowscape, ready to hunt 5/12 - No Hints 6/12 - This commander is on a map where the cold of ice and the warmth of the jungle meet 7/12 - No Hints 8/12 - No Hints 9/12 - No Hints 10/12 - No Hints 11/12 - No Hints 12/12 - No Hints 13/12 - No Hints 14/12 - No Hints 15/12 - No Hints 16/12 - Location: Near lava and cats, Identity: Quaggan>Choya 17/12 - This commander is not in the Maguuma Jungle 18/12- No Hints 19/12- No Hints 20/12- No Hints ---------------------------------------------------------- For the next 3 advents participants will only need to focus on finding the screenshot locations. The identify of those involved in the below dates are noted. 21/12 - Cypher 22/12 - Karma 23/12 - Astronomy ---------------------------------------------------------- For the last advent there will be rewards of location and bonus of identity 24/12 - (Mystery )
  15. Community Advent Calendar

    Advent Calendar is active \o/ Here is a list (in alphabetical order) of those commanders and community members helping out: Arndawan, Astronomy, Ciobh, Davin, Frangel, Karma (or HKarma), Lola, Mawee, Mouja, Poetjuh (or Grim Reaper Poetjuh), Quintenvw, Rosie, Tali, Tany, Telly, Val Make sure to mail your answers to Heaven Karma.5697 Example Template for mail To: Heaven Karma.5697 Sub: Advent Calendar Account name: XXXXX.1234 Date: x/12/17 Location: XXXXXXXXXX Identity: XXXXXXX