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    [info] How to Jump with GW2C!

    It would be helpful if an lfg is put in place if the map is not filled, as i tried contacting one of the community managers in game, twenty minutes before the event, after joining the map, i found it empty so i left, then i relogged ten minutes later, and i was on the gw2 community server, which i wasn't able to join before as i was kicked from ts, immediately after being told to join. I tried to contact Commander Mousey in game but i received no response, even before the event had started, as i wasn't able to join the instance which gw2 community had created, as it wasn't clear in ts, or in game which commander i should join for which wurm, as only one of the commanders, had the appropriately coloured badge. I hope that communication improves in the future, as it is supposed to be a community after all, and the lack of the communication as to where to go in game, and the absolute stonewalling of veteran players, who have been long before gw2 community was created, and whom have also at least in my case, commanded a triple trouble wurm, the week of release, decidedly are a bit frustrated by the lack of information, and the inability of commanders to communicate appropriately information to their squads in game, when for the most part it should be a simple copy paste. As i literally just did Cobalt, and had not a word from the commander, and was told to join TS for the third time, after being kicked previously without notification, to join a new group.