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  1. Hello, my name is...

    Welcome to GW2C!
  2. Verdant Brink run

    At your request and initiative of HKarma, two of us will be hosting Verdant Brink run for you, and everyone else willing to join, this Sunday starting at 18:15 CET! ( should be added to calendar soon or might already be there) Join us and let's have some fun together! GW2Community
  3. Verdant Brink run

    We can make it happen, not sure if this week, but we can do it next week for sure.
  4. *Moos in your general direction*

    Welcome to the gw2c, I hope you will enjoy your stay and in case you do decide to look for guild actively, you can find plenty on our TS server or guild listing ( should be updated any time now if not already done). So you can pick from wide range of guilds there.
  5. Hello guys !

    Welcome to the Guild Wars 2 community!
  6. Hello everyone!

    I'm fairly new to the community but I have been on many runs with them in the past and especially last few weeks and as of yesterday I am with them as commander ( though I don't think that I will deal with Triple Trouble any time soon, not even as trainee, too damn scary) so all of you will be seeing me around a lot more often in the future. I'm Frangel ( to clarify the name, it's simply Fr ( taken from my old nickname Freak) and Angel from my first nickname ever used online ( Angel of Death), so Frangel) , student, 23 years old and that's about how far I would go with personal information. Guild wars 2 wise, I'm member of Legends of Avalon [LoA], guild that actually introduced me to gw2community and I'm forever thankful to them for that. I'm liking my stay here so far and I hope for even better things in the future. Thank you all for reading, that would be all from me for now