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    Excellent music! Being a fan of the Portal games I love this guy I am more of a electronic musics guy, but I love hearing this while playing GW2, it makes saving Tarir even more epic
  2. What Graphics cards do people own?

    I have the NVidia GTX 980M (i have an ASUS RoG netbook), and I can run the game on max settings, with about 50 fps
  3. Hello guys !

    Hey everyone, I'm DamiVlad aka Jaukeur, Vauvau, Estragom and Babuslav, I've join you thanks to the Triple Trouble Wurm I'm an active casual PvE and fractals gamer, I've been playing GW2 for a little less than a year now. I'm also a swiss student, so I speak french, english and german, and if I'm not playing, it's either beacause I'm sleeping or at the pub Looking foward to meet you ingame